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Hi guys! We thought we would try this. A vlog, video blog post, that is. The sound is not great, to say the least, but clear enough I hope. Sorry, we are trying. It is a bit too long. Sorry again. Mainly we are experimenting with the technology and trying to make it work. Give us a chance and we promise that we will get it better and better with time.

8 thoughts on “Quality Chess Vlog”

  1. This was fun. Visually this setup is great. Get a USB mic for each side of the conversation and the audio will be much better.

  2. This is very good! Visuals great, I’m sure you’ll nail the sound going forward. Hearing Nikos on his e4e5 book would be great some time…

  3. Thanks everybody for the nice comments. Yes, the audio is bad but this was my fault and not Jacob’s. The next ones will be better on all aspects. But we had to make a start 🙂

  4. I have to take some responsibility too. I told Nikos to put it out no matter the sound quality, rather than spend too much time in post-production. I would rather have two vlogs with less than perfect sound quality than one with good audio.

  5. Good idea and enjoyed it. Hope to see more of these videos blogs in future. Perhaps each time a new book is released, you could do an interview with the author?

  6. @James
    The goal (it will certainly not be fulfilled always) is to do one a week. And yes, we are first doing something poorly internally, then hopefully talking to our authors from time to time, not only at publication time 🙂

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