Very short and very quick update on the publishing schedule – Three books out the 21st December

Hi guys,

If we were to get books out for the 21st December (a bit shaky, snow in Poland could cause delays…), we would have to upload the final files to our printer this Friday. We decided, reviewing the progress last week, that this cannot happen with all four books. Key Concepts of Gambit Play has already been uploaded. Luther’s Chess Reformation will be uploaded in 1-2 days. Finally, we are working hard, all of us, to get Playing the Ragozin finished for Friday. We will make it, but decided that we were not 100% happy with pushing Grandmaster Repertoire – The Nimzo-Indian out the door this week too.

A) It felt as if we were working ourselves too hard. Mistakes come from that.

B) We felt that there were places where we wanted Michael to add a bit more explanation. The analysis are excellent and no one will be disappointed with that, we just felt that the human side of the book could do with a little more attention as well.

So we decided to push this book into January.

We will do other books next year too, of course. Lot’s of other books. But that will be for another day.

52 thoughts on “Very short and very quick update on the publishing schedule – Three books out the 21st December”

  1. Thank you for the update (especially as there are books I intend to buy!)

    Will the Forward Chess App have these books on the same day as publication or any earlier please?

  2. I think it’s smart that you guys delay it because the Nimzo is such an important opening and this book will have to last players a decade. What’s waiting three months when players will have to wait a decade for the second edition? Besides the Najdorf, no opening can compare to the Nimzo in its theoretical importance.

    Hopefully you will also check for omissions and not just explanations.

  3. Good afternoon Jacob,

    I had another brief query about Negi’s 5th book (on the B00s to B09s). How advanced is this book and is it hopeful for a spring release in 2017?

    Thank you.


  4. Quality is the first, always. Even you put it in your brand name. Please don’t low the quality of your works; if we have to wait, we wait.


  5. Hi All,

    I was thinking about Niko’s upcoming 1 d4 d5 repertoire book next year. I wanted to confirm that it will include recommended lines against ‘d4 Deviations’, such as Stonewall attack, 2 Bg5, Veresov, Torre, Colle, etc?

    Keep up the good work!


  6. @James2

    These lines are already extensively covered in Avrukh’s book on 1.d4 Deviations, so what’s the point in repeating that? I would prefer Nikos to use the space to go into depth on all the lines after 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6…

  7. @Ray
    Yes, that is true but I would like to see Niko’s interpretation of how he perceives they should be met. It would also give the book the same character as ‘Playing 1 e4 e5’ and presumably this one will include them and be called ‘Playing 1 d4 d5’. I think the Avrukh book might be a bit theory heavy (certainly for me and my level anyway).


  8. @Alfonso
    Jacob mentioned that Ftacnik wanted to be relieved of the project. Many have asked him info regarding this book but Jacob had given very little away other than it may happen in 2017.

  9. @Nikos Ntirlis
    Ah, this is good news! Hopefully 2 Bg5 will be met with 2..f6. It will be nice to see what you recommend against he Blackmar Diemer too, as well as the London with 2 Bf4 and no early Nf3.

    Thank you.


  10. I am hoping that the layout and presentation will be very similar to Playing 1 e4 e5. If it is, this means that there will be only one main line presented and not a discussion of all of the possibilities. I think it will be just one main line provided.


  11. Jeg taper partiet men vinner krigen

    In the beskriving of Ragozin Pert book, it says that there is a thoughtful explanations on the Catalan. Does this mean that this is a repertoire book that includes repertoire for both the Ragozin and the Catalan ?

  12. @Wolfsblut
    My though was to include the Reti lines that will transpose to some kind of English (because i am intending to cover the Catalan and IMHO when you choose your Anti-Catalan system you have to have a clear idea of what to do against English/Reti). But indeed the Reti can transpose to KIA (with e4 played instead of c4) as Jacob pointed out to me yesterday night just before i went to sleep (i have visited Jacob at Glasgow) so that he force me to think about this issue during my sleep (he succeeded!). I am between covering this in the book or simply point out to the readers that i have a nice chapter (i think!) about how to deal the KIA in the “Playing the French” book! I haven’t decided my mind yet to be honest…

  13. Hi Jacob,

    I noticed that a lot of Niko’s books have been on black openings. I was wondering if there is any idea in the future for Niko to do a book (much like Playing 1 e4 e5 and the upcoming 1 d4 d5 books) on a white repertoire.

    Thank you.


  14. @ Nikos
    Thanks for your answer. You are right and I like the idea to answer the English/Reti in QGD- Style… Certainly It would be nice to have all in one book- with an update on your previous book on the French. But overall I see already the inclusion of the English/ Reti as an very nice extra?
    Keep up the great work

  15. @Jacob Aagaard
    I had imagined that this might be the case Jacob. Oh well, I like Niko’s explanations and generally his presentations overall.

    On a slightly different matter, 21st December is a Wednesday. If any of the new books are ordered directly from your website, do you think they will be with us before Christmas? It seems very tight if they are ordered from a chess supplier online.

    As always, thank you for your kind assistance.

    Good night.


  16. Nikos’ books ? gave me an idea ?

    I think it would great to see a Playing the Sicilian book (e.g the Kan), where Anti Sicilian lines are given based on 2…e6, like 2.e4 c5 2.Nc3 or c3 followed by 2…e6 and 3…d5!!

  17. Hi Jacob.

    Is it possible to know what will be dealt in the Avrukh books (2A & 2B)?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.


  18. After seeing the excerpt Pert´s new book may be the first time in 25 years that I take a look at 1.d4 d5. It looks like an enjoyable read and an interesting opening.

  19. When will Luther’s Chess Reformation be available for sale at your site? I’m really looking forward to this book because the excerpt is super exciting!

  20. “Tired of bad positions? Try the main lines!”: I suspect that Qualitychess should expect to see a very substantial order of Opening Books from the direction of Norway one day soon …

  21. @James2

    Could you please link me to where you found out about this book? I can’t find anything about it, I was wondering how you know. I very much enjoyed Nikos’ Tarrasch and French books, so this already looks like a must-buy for me. Thanks!

  22. @Winawer77
    Hi Winawer 77,

    Do you mean the Nikos 1 d4 book from black’s perspective? I asked Jacob about Niko doing a book like this a couple of months ago and he was kind enough to let us know that Niko was doing exactly that and was pretty far advanced too. I think some responses have been in various threads.

    There are no specific details about the book apart from it will be based on the QGD. I’m hoping we will see more of this when the 2017 2 page catalogue/pdf is released.


  23. Hi John,

    I wanted to check about the Sicilian lines that might be recommended in your upcoming book. Is there any overlap with Negi’s recommendations (especially against what might be minor lines, that is non main lines) or have you deliberately tried to steer clear of any overlap.

    Thank you John.


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