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I have finally gotten around to format the Quiz excel sheet, so you can all see how well you are doing. The rules for the quiz were given in this post:

I have taken the answers as being a “current situation”, not a guess or anything. Please feel welcome to check if I got anything wrong!! It is certainly not impossible.

The questions were:

The questions

All these questions relate to

the classical games. If you believe the match will end in a play-off, choose 13 in question two.

1. Who will be the next World Champion, Carlsen or Karjakin? Carlsen is champion at the moment, so this is what is in the excel file

2. How many days of play will there be played in the match (7-13)? 13, unless not 🙂

3. Which classical game will be the first decisive game (0=no decisive games)? 8

4. Will any game reach a position with Mate in 3 moves on the board? No

5. How many pawns will be promoted? 0

6. Will any official complaints be filed by either player? no

7. How many en-passants will there be? 0

8. Which first move by White will be played in the first decisive game? d4

9. How many draws in 30 moves or less will there be? 0

10. How many decisive games over 60 moves will there be? 1

11. How many wins for White? 1

12. How many wins for Black? 1

13. How many games will end with both queens on the board? 3

14. How many moves will be played in the shortest game? 32

15. How many moves will be played in the longest game? 94

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