The Prize is going out any moment…

These will be sent to the winner of the quiz today. 

10 thoughts on “The Prize is going out any moment…”

  1. Wow, I am overwhelmed. Thanks again for this very generous prize. Maybe over-generous. My head is already hurting. I haven’t even completed the Yusupov series yet.



    Perhaps you could republish all Dvoretsky’s books under Quality Chess flag.

    That would of course be awesome 🙂

  3. @Stephen Jiang
    I think all the Russian versions of Dvoretsky’s books are in hardcover, if you happen to read Russian or want to learn to read it. Dvoretsky’s Russian is of moderate difficulty, considered on the “chess book” spectrum. It’s still a lot easier than reading even an easy novel in Russian.

    It seems like the Olms books are rapidly going out of print. Only a few books on shelves of London Chess Centre, and Amazon out of stock of a lot of them with 3rd party sellers starting to charge above cover on some….

  5. @Longinus
    Thanks, I am trying to find hardcover English versions of Dvoretsky’s books. Seems I am out of luck. (Really wish Quality Chess would take over the new editions of Dvoretsky books)

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