Where are you?

The poll result shows that almost three quarters of you are not following the Women’s World Championship. I would ask you who you think will win, but if most of you are not following it, you are probably not bothered. Perhaps Hou Yifan’s absence devalues the event in your eyes?

The next question involves my geographical curiosity: Where are you?

For the poll answers I have split the planet up into a few bite-sized chunks. As we are mainly an English-language publisher, it would make sense if most blog readers here were from the British Isles (for non-locals, that includes the UK and Ireland) and North America. But I am sure there is some variety.

If you like, feel free to give a more detailed location in comments. But if ‘Antarctica’ and ‘Other’ get a lot of votes, then I’ll be very suspicious.

24 thoughts on “Where are you?”

  1. I think that English become rather universal language mainly because of computers and internet, and almost any chess player who goes for tournament (or for vacation) abroad knows at least a little English. So I would consider Quality Chess rather a global than a local (i.e. British) chess publisher.

    It would make sense, imho, to more subdivide “Rest of Europe” and include Russia.


  2. An Ordinary Chessplayer

    @slavof Maybe Russia won’t mind so much once they realize that China is in “Rest of Asia”. Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out which part of Africa is not in “Rest of Africa”. In another topic it was asked “what makes evil evil”? Whoever made up these poll answers knows quite well.

  3. Spain.

    I would guess based on the level of the chess in UK and USA that rest of europe is going to win easily, even without taking Russia into account.

  4. An Ordinary Chessplayer

    @John Shaw
    I know that Egypt could be both/either Middle East and/or Africa. But are you saying Middle East or Rest of Africa is the choice? It’s even more puzzling than before.

  5. As I remember, England voted for brexit. They are no more part of Europe.
    British isle on one side and Europe and the other side is more appropriate than rest of Europe, don’t you think so?

  6. I didn’t vote as I was offended by the Poll’s omission of the Caribbean and by the general trivialisation that a category such as Other implies.

    The world is divided up into five Continental Regions: Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania and The Americas. The Poll should have reflected this, and added perhaps a sixth option labelled Sub-Region which would encompass all countries and areas that make up the five listed regions, and in that way you would avoid the appearance of relegating or diminishing any one country.

  7. I think the poll should have included every nation on earth as a separate entry 🙂

    By the way, I live in The Netherlands, on its way to become the second greatest country in the world after the US.

  8. Ok, ok, enough of the inane mocking. Let’s get back to our usual musings shall we, i.e. contemplating our collective navel’s, while we impatiently await what new releases will actually match the Publishing Schedule. On that note, I propose the posting of a quiz to guess what date (excluding year – hopefully not necessary) Playing 1.e4 volume 2 goes to print with the winner or winners coming closest getting a free copy of the book.

    What say you, any seconders?

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