Newsletter 7th Sept. 2010 – Bauer & ECF Book of the Year shortlist

Dear Quality Chess Reader,

We recently received encouragement from England: Champions of the New Millennium and Jacob’s Attacking Manual 1 and Attacking Manual 2 were placed on the shortlist for the ECF Book of the Year prize. These were the only books we put forward for the prize and the judges’ comments were flattering.

Publication News: Play the Scandinavian by GM Christian Bauer will be out in late September. The French Super-GM is a noted expert on the 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.Nc3 Qa5 lines on which his book concentrates.

GM Mihail Marin will soon complete his repertoire for White with 1.c4: Grandmaster Repertoire 4 and Grandmaster Repertoire 5 should be out in October.

GM Boris Avrukh’s Grandmaster Repertoire 2 will be available in a German translation in late September. A hardcover version of the English version is available on our website and soon also in shops in Europe, plus probably Chess4Less and ChessCafe in the USA.

We are continuing our new idea of including a ChessBase file with the newsletter. This time it includes:

An update and some comments on Ftacnik’s Grandmaster Repertoire 6

A few updates on Schandorff’s Grandmaster Repertoire 7 – mainly relating to small things lacking in the book.

A nice game Andrew lost at the British, but also a win where he used an Avrukh novelty (“I well and truly Avrukhed him,”; Andrew told me.)

This ChessBase file is also available as a pdf printout for those without ChessBase – the same goes for the first newsletter.

More will follow about Grandmaster Repertoire 6 in another newsletter in a few weeks.

Regards, John Shaw

Chief Editor,

Quality Chess

26 thoughts on “Newsletter 7th Sept. 2010 – Bauer & ECF Book of the Year shortlist”

  1. Great newsletter ! Good to see that you people are even updating on “Experts vs. the Sicilian” as its a long time since it was published (or even updated).Suprising to see “Toilet” variation occupying 5 games,5.f3 covered,Closed Sicilian 6.Nh3 covered .I am very happy 🙂 Thanks

  2. Thank you! I have already preordered a hardcover copy of GM2 in Aug. 31st when do you think it will get shipped?

    Also will there be new updated publishing schedule including future projects? Last one was posted on Aug. 4th and it has been more than 5 weeks now!

  3. @Hesam

    Updated publishing schedule:

    October 2010 – GM Repertoire: The Clarindon Court Defense – The Defense that took down Avruhk’s d4 dynasty

    November 2010 – GM Repertoire: The Latvian Gambit – The Defense that took down Aagaard’s e4 dynasty

    December 2010 – GM Repertoire: The Tubingen Gambit – Busting Black in 1.Nc3 Nf6 2.g4!!

    January 2011 – Play the Borg

    February 2011 – Sac! Sac! Draw!

  4. Ponting is a Legend

    From the newsletter, Play the Scandinavian is “late September”, Marin’s GM4/GM5 is “October”, which mathematically makes sense if you do the estimation yourself since Play the Scandinavian went to the printer on 3rd September. Although, the other books I do not know. Jacob, can you make a new updated publishing schedule please?

  5. Hi, QC

    congratulations you are doing an excellent job.
    But I have a small problem, currently. I subscribed to your newsletter before the last newsletter and I received it, indeed. But I didn’t receive the newsletter from 7th September 2010. Is there any chance to get it?

    Best regards

  6. I am not sure how quick they will be at the printer. I hope to have exact dates for you today, which is what I have been waiting for with regards to updating the publishing schedule.

  7. Nice job with those newsletters and updates.
    This Marin’s work is taking many stepback, I hope you can really make it out in October (I need it for my correspondence games!).
    I’m pretty sure it’s worth the wait.
    Then let Marin make another GM against 1.d4… that would be really good!

  8. Yes, bad Jacob – I should not have spent all this time on the Marin book :-(.

    I will get excerpts up for both books on Monday.

    Marin 3 seems to be on track to be ready to go to the printer before the Olympiad. I hope to have exact dates on Monday.

  9. @Seth

    Awwwww, and I hear it’s going to be the best seller of 2011!

    Of course, you want to know something really sick? About 2 years ago, I played a real game, over the board (G/70 with 5 second delay), that went 1.g4 h5 2.g5 h4 as Black. I ended up losing (time trouble playing part of the problem, sheer stupidity the other part).

  10. Oh, and I have actually played the Tubingen Gambit (1.Nc3 Nf6 2.g4) about 5 to 10 times with decent results as White. I think I had 1 loss, and at least 1 draw, maybe 2, and the rest wins.

  11. Patrick :
    Oh, and I have actually played the Tubingen Gambit (1.Nc3 Nf6 2.g4) about 5 to 10 times with decent results as White. I think I had 1 loss, and at least 1 draw, maybe 2, and the rest wins.

    Do you play ”dreamfold chess”? rofl

  12. While checking Avrikhs GM-Rep 2 I discovered a SERIOUS omission ! The Borg- Defnece is not covered at all !!! So next time my opponent plays 1…g5 I am at my own….

  13. Another Monday and I was hoping for an updated publishing schedule! It is almost middle of September! Maybe the mystery author writing the Nimzo GM repertoire finally signed the contract? Or Cutting Edge 2 is almost finished …

  14. Ponting is a Legend

    As a loyal customer, if I estimate based on previous QC publishing times, GM4/GM5 will be out somewhere around Monday, 25th October. Am I about right? Only the new publishing schedule will tell…

  15. Screw the new publishing schedule (a month from now it will be different anyway – no fault to QC), just show us the Marin excerpt! 🙂

  16. TonyRo :
    Screw the new publishing schedule (a month from now it will be different anyway – no fault to QC), just show us the Marin excerpt!

    What the fudge dude? Not everyone plays 1. c4.

  17. With respect to the attached chessbase file, slightly disappointing that in the first game of the Caro Kann again the most critical line is left out (or maybe I am overlooking something and it’s mentioned somewhere else on this site?). I am referring to the Iordachescu game where 16.Bxc6 was followed by 17. Ne6!



  18. 2010 English Chess Federation Book of the Year goes to Aagaard!

    “Aagaard has written a significant and original treatise on the fine art of attacking play and is a worthy winner of the Book of the Year 2010.”

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