Jacob Aagaard book tour of India

Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard is going to India to promote his Grandmaster Preparation series in March/April. His tour will give lectures and training seminars in Mumbai (26-27 March), Ahmadabad (28-29 March), New Delhi (30-31 March), Kolkata (2-3 April) and Chennai (4-5 April).

19 thoughts on “Jacob Aagaard book tour of India”

  1. @Paul H
    The book is 95% finished. I hope to have delivered it to Forward Chess by the time I leave. I am not sure when we will do a print edition. Could be 1-2 months later.

  2. @Tygrysek
    I have probably another week of editing to go on ‘e3 Poison’, so let’s guess at just over two weeks until an excerpt is ready. I usually regret making such specific guesses, but let’s live dangerously.

  3. @ John Shaw

    An even trickier question on ”e3 Poison” how long after the excerpt can we expect the book (not the forward chess version the real thing)?


  4. Feeling jealous . . . where did you get the TShirt Jacob?

    I like to wear my Whovian ‘Don’t Blink’ for important games 🙂

  5. Aagaard, why has it taken you so long to finish Box compared to the rest of the Grandmaster Preparation series?

    I fear it may be that you somehow lost interest in what you had to say in Box and therefore postponed it until now.

  6. Sarcastic QC Fan

    MN :
    any updates on the progress of playing 1 e4 II?

    Yes it will be done once John has finished editing everyone else’s books.
    That means it will be ready in Spring 2023.

    Sorry I couldn’t resist! ?

  7. @FM To Be
    This is not the case at all. There are quite a number of reasons, but lack of interest is certainly not one of them. Lack of confidence is certainly one of them.

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