Inside the deep planning at Quality Chess for Jacob’s Thinking Inside the Box book tour of Asia

18 thoughts on “Inside the deep planning at Quality Chess for Jacob’s Thinking Inside the Box book tour of Asia”

  1. Im very glad that “Thinking Inside The Box” is nearly finished, not only because of the book, but also because after that Jacob will focus on the “From The Scratch” series, acording to what he has said anyway.

    Jacob et al. I was wondering if there could be a project for a book dedicated exclusively to visualization and/or blinfold chess, something similar to the workbooks “Thinking Ahead” from the “Steps Method” which is limited at the moment and not really in book format.

  2. @Lasker
    Being formatted. It is in the pipeline.

    End of next week maybe. We are going to put it out on Forward Chess as early as we can.

    @FM To Be
    They are in book format?, but not sure they are that great. At the moment this is not my intention. The first workbook is done and I have done a lot of research for the other books. I will coordinate with our many friends around the World to make the best possible books.

  3. Jacob Aagaard :
    I hope so. Playing 1.e4, maybe June. So much work has been done…

    @Jacob Aagaard

    I hope so, buy after waiting a years for this, I’m not convinced. I remember you saying lots has been done many, many times. Then other projects seem to go above it on your priority list. Seems you prioritise other books before this and it seems to get put off. This is very frustrating for the people who have been waiting A LONG time for this book to be published.

    I hope that you can lock John away, stop him editing anyone else books and make this his MAIN priority. I think you owe your loyal customer base this much!

  4. @Jacob Aagaard I have a question, maybe or maybe not related to your latest Thinking inside the box book. I brought your series of Excelling e-books from everyman and I enjoyed your writing back then (even you yourself seems only half-hearted endorsed :-)).

    When I read your “Excelling at chess calculation” book along with the the “GP – Calculation”, you mentioned one interesting book from you (probably unknown for many people): “Inside the Chess Mind: How Players Of All Levels Think About The Game”. You only include 2 pages in the Excelling book. I think this is an interesting way to look at a problem – at the end, I always curious how master thinks different than amateur. I just wonder how you think of this book? and whether your new thinking inside box book would have some material overlap with this book?

  5. @The Doctor

    The delay in Playing 1.e4 is more annoying for me than it is for you – trust me on that, as I am the one who always hears the complaints (of course it is also flattering that people want the book).

    I do prioritize other authors’ books, as I think it unfair to delay their book (and their eventual royalties) to work on my book.

    So the full picture is that I have work to do on proofreading Jacob’s ‘Thinking Inside the Box’, and editing to do on Axel Smith’s ‘e3 Poison’ but after that, when I am not spending my time running the business, it will all Playing 1.e4 all the time.

  6. John Shaw :
    I do prioritize other authors’ books, as I think it unfair to delay their book (and their eventual royalties) to work on my book.

    Well, a few points:
    1) Your first “Playing e4” volume is awesome. That’s a personal statement that superseeds all the following critique points.
    2) Jacob stated last year that your second volumne would appear that year. “End of discussion” or something alike. I’m happy to dig in your blog to find that statement. So: Get aligned on your statements! Hey, you two are the same company! It doesn’t build credibility…
    3) Not that anyone ever trusted your publishing schedules. Ever. They are like kids dreams, right? 😉
    4) Why do you think your work is less important than other authors?
    5) Follow-up to 4: Ok, I get it – external authors need their money. But Jacob’s book is from a co-owner of the same company, so no excuse delaying your book in favor of his!

  7. @Tobias
    1) Thanks!
    2) That wrong prediction came from both of us.
    3) The schedules are hopes, predictions, guesses, not promises. We try to keep up the pace.
    4 and 5) For Jacob’s book it was about his schedule. It made sense to finish editing Jacob’s book before he left on a month-long book tour of Asia.

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