Slight price change to GM5

Because GM5 is “only” 280 pages, I have decided to cut the price down to 24.99 for the softcover and 32.99 for hardback edition. Those that have pre-paid will receive a refund of the 3 euro difference somewhere in the next few weeks. The reason this does not happen immediately, is because I have to work out how to do it!

13 thoughts on “Slight price change to GM5”

  1. I’m very impressed with Marin’s GM3 and I’m more than happy to pay the full prize. Maybe it would be easiest to keep the extra money and give it to the author.

  2. My personal opinion is that instead of this refund a kind of discount vaucher for next purchases could be used. At least for registered members and people which whish so. I would prefer to not receive this amount as I will order some more books in the future. So why we need to transfer money back and froth for nothing.

  3. Jacob, can you award the most faithful private customer who has bought more than 30 books from your publishing house?

    I have bought 32 books and that number can easily be checked by my favorite German store Niggemann.

    Is it possible that you reward me with some book? yes… ­čÖé or no… ­čÖü

  4. It is easier for us just to refund people. And we have some guys who have bought everything, with extra copies for friends…

  5. Abramov, I don’t think you’re all that unique. I think there are probably quite a few of us who have bought 30+ Quality Chess books.

  6. I own almost 30 Quality Chess books too. I buy almost all books published by you guys and Chess Stars on release. I generally play better after reading a new chess book. Books are drugs.

  7. I guess I have 25,000 books, and John as well… Technically we have bought them too.

    We have published 42 unique titles in English so far, and one in German. I think we should reach 100 titles in 2013.

  8. Ludvig Sandstr├Âm

    I suggest you invest those few pennies per book into future publishing efforts instead! The cost for administrating the refunds will probably exceed what you give back.

  9. Hi, i am looking forward to GM 4+5 so that i will have all books from Marin about 1.c4.
    I am an intermdiate player but want i want to improve. So studying this books is of course nice, but to improve my chess skills i need to study games played by masters with this opening repertoire.

    Do you know some strong players who use Marins repertoire for their own games?

    Kind Regards

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