Umnov studies

Our friend and my compatriot Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen won a composition tournament in front of the two modern giants of chess competition, Afek and Pervakov. On request, he has written a small report for our blog, which I have decided to attach in a PDF.

But I wanted to give the readers a chance to solve some of the studies on their own. First of all, here is Steffen’s study.

White to play and win

I have made a few PDF’s and a PGN you can download as you wish.

The top three studies for solving from the starting position.

The top three studies for solving midway through the study.

Steffen’s short description of the tournament, which includes the solution to the study above.

You can also find a PGN with the solution to the top three studies.



3 thoughts on “Umnov studies”

  1. Btw , i discovered today an old Troitzky study – (anyone knows it ? )
    W to play and win : Kd1, Bb8, Bc7 , Bf8, Bh6 , Bh8 ( yes , 5 bishops of the same color and no pawns )
    B : Kb1, a6
    A beauty

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