Training Seminar in Edinburgh with GM Jacob Aagaard 6-8 Oct

Training Seminar in Edinburgh with Grandmaster and FIDE Senior Trainer Jacob Aagaard 6-8 October

On the first weekend of October there will be a three-day training seminar with Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard in Edinburgh Chess Club. The training weekend is organised in collaboration with Chess Scotland, offering free participation to the members of the national team participating in the European Team Championship in Crete in November.

The themes will be changing from day to day, with a focus on positional play, calculation and endgame technique. The sessions will be evenly balanced between lecturing and practical application.

The place of the training seminar is Edinburgh Chess Club, 1 Alva Street, in the centre of Edinburgh.

The timings are:

Friday 6th October         7pm – 10pm

Saturday 7th October      1pm – 5.30pm

Sunday 8th October        11am – 3.30pm

The cost of participation is £75. Please register by emailing



7 thoughts on “Training Seminar in Edinburgh with GM Jacob Aagaard 6-8 Oct”

  1. Very nice initiative, thanks! First come first serve basis for those who register I presume? I’ll have a look to see whether I can make it.

  2. Chessbooks in Edinburgh

    Last week I visited Edinburgh. In South Bridge is Blackwell’s Bookstore located. It’s a large store. I looked for chess books … Only three books from Batsford have been there. Very disappointing.

  3. Thanks to Jacob for training us, to the organisers who made it possible to have this seminar (idea, venue and most probably some funding do not simply fall from the sky) and the other participants for sharing their thoughts. I had a wonderful chess weekend in Edinburgh.

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