And the World Cup Quiz Winner is…

The winner of our 2017 World Cup Quiz is… Mr Alberto Muniz Pardino.

Mr Muniz’s excellent score of 12 points was a clear winner. If you want to see how it was done, our winner’s answers were (with correct answers in bold):

Which opening will be more common in Round 3 (excluding playoffs)? Grunfeld or Caro-Kann or tie? Caro-Kann

1. Who will win the World Cup (3 points)? Aronian (3 points)
2. How many top seeds (1-64) will be knocked out in Round 1? 11 (1 point)
3. How many Round 2 matches will end in Armageddon Blitz? 1 (0 points)
4. Predict the four semi-finalists. (2 points per correct answer) Carlsen, Aronian, So, Mamedyarov (2 right, so 4 points)
5. Which round will Levon Aronian reach? Final (1 point)
6. How many 1-1 draws will Anish Giri have? 2 (1 point)
7. How many Black wins will there be in Round 4 (excluding playoffs)? 0 (0 points)
8. Predict the score: Dreev – Bachmann (excluding playoffs) 1-1 (0 points)
9. Predict the score: Motylev – Xiong (excluding playoffs) 1.5-0.5 (1 point)
10. Predict the score: Hou Yifan – Piorun (excluding playoffs) 1.5-0.5 (1 point)
11. How many Russians will there be in Round 3? 6 (0 points)
12. Who will be the youngest quarter finalist? So (0 points)
13. How many non-European players will make it to the 4th round? 6 (0 points)
14. Which home player (Georgian) will go furthest? Pantsulaia (0 points)

Tiebreaker: How many moves will there be in the longest game? 115 (tiebreak not needed, but pretty close to the correct 130)

Surviving the hurdle question by going for the Caro-Kann, then correctly picking Aronian as the winner, miraculously predicting that 11 of the top 64 seeds would be eliminated in Round 1, getting two of the four semi-finalists correct, and many other fine guesses. But we know Mr Muniz is human because he went for Pantsulaia instead of Jobava to be the Georgian who went furthest – I think this was the answer most people got right.

While the quiz was underway, the joke in our office was: “I hope the winner is European, to save our shipping costs on the prize…” And Mr Muniz is Spanish. We punched the air in triumph. But he lives in Hong Kong. Despair.

Still, congratulation to Mr Muniz on a well-deserved win (the books will soon be on the way) and thanks to everyone who took part.

1 thought on “And the World Cup Quiz Winner is…”

  1. Alberto Muniz Pardino

    Thank you very much! In my defense of the “easiest question” being missed, I was hoping that Jobava would lose in Round 1 against my friend Iván Salgado. It was a very close match decided on the rapid

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