Forward Chess – Special Offer on Grandmaster Preparation series

On Tuesday we will be releasing the sixth and final volume of Jacob’s Grandmaster Preparation series on Forward Chess. So we will make a Special Offer – all 6 books in the series in the Forward Chess editions for $99.95. That is, these 6 Forward Chess books for the price of 5.

To get the details of how to take advantage of this offer, please contact Forward Chess directly at

I would emphasize that emailing Forward Chess is the only way to go, as you cannot click and buy this offer directly as you would normally do to buy a single book.

Or if you prefer paper to electronics, then there is already a Special Offer for the Quality Chess editions of Jacob’s series.

6 thoughts on “Forward Chess – Special Offer on Grandmaster Preparation series”

  1. Paul H :
    On the iOS version at least the first Polgar book is also presently available at a reduced price

    Yes, and on Android. It is an unrelated Special Offer.

    FC have been doing a ‘monthly special’ for a few months now. One book at 50% off for the month, reverting to the normal price at the end of the month. For the first time, it’s a Quality Chess book: Judit Polgar’s ‘How I Beat Fischer’s Record’.

  2. @John Shaw,

    I have already had Thinking Inside the Box from FWD Chess a few months ago; I assume the 6th volume you mentioned probably is a different GM Prep book.

  3. Helle @John Shaw,

    I have bought last year your 3 books on Forward Chess
    I want to tell you that I have the feeling to have been plainly and simply stolen.

    I cannot connect back because their reset password is not working on both Windows application and Android application.
    So these books are lost for me (around 66 euros).

    I believe Quality Chess should go out from Forward Chess. It is hurting their image.

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