Jacob in India

Jacob is on a coaching trip in India, and ChessBase India have published an article by our friend Sagar Shah with many photos, including the one below. You can click on the image to get a bigger view.




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  1. @Vittal
    Actually, I find the chess culture a blessing. And I love the Indian food. Obviously, you can find bad food anywhere and at times on this trip, I got low quality food. Not because of the local cuisine, but because of a under standard performance by the chef. But overall, Indian food is among my favourites and as someone who follows a plant based diet, this is absolutely ideal for me.

    I was told by all my friends before my first Indian trip that I should bring Imodium and that I would get “Delhi belly”, but it was not true. This time around I got some stomach problems, but not because of India or Indian food. I went to a Chinese restaurant and had Spice Crispy Tofu, which was very spicy. I loved it! But my stomach did not and took three days to recover. This could have happened anywhere.

    Actually, I find India rich and dynamic. Incredibly atmospheric. I love being there and I will be there a lot in the future. Both working and on holiday.

  2. I liked the last two sentences…
    Like the great trainer Dvoretsky, I can foresee lot many players getting benefited under your tutelage.
    Already the quality of chess books have improved a lot since QC began, and in the next 20 years QC books as well as your training would leave a mark in the player training rooms.

    Training material and Trainers have improved a lot compared to the training approach and this is where I see that can bring in the next leap in improvement. In our modern era, innovative apps/webpages are needed. Example….

    Could your firm develop an app/webpage that would let players upload their database files for tactical positions, endgames, Positional priyomes and practice the woodpecker method. The app should:
    a) store how much time if took for you to complete each position/book like John Shaw Puzzle book/Yusupov books/ endgame positions from Axel’s book….. This time record will help them compete/challenge with others to solve the exercises/whole book faster. Players can then share their records with others,,,,, like how we do in Facebook.
    b) what exercises he got wrong or took long time to solve, and then make the person revise the exercises that went wrong.
    c) It can bring in phenomenal improvements if the right Tactical, endgame exercises are added for each elo level of 200/300.

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