11 thoughts on “Four Questions, 3rd Video”

  1. Javier Castellote

    Jacob, it´s a good idea to ask the four questions during the game? Do you believe that the GM´s will do it?


  2. @Javier Castellote
    There are no 4 Questions. The three questions. I know some GMs do it a lot. I used to say that it would drive anyone insane, but then one GM told me he used them all the time and I always add that to the mix. I think it is useful when you do not know what you are doing, but the main idea is for it to be a training method so that once done 500 times, let’s say, you do not have to ask, because your subconscious has already done it for you. But it is just a way to focus on what is most important in the position…

  3. 1928. He does not play much. His level is roughly 2200, with a lot of weaknesses. In the opening he is about 2500 with a good work ethic.

  4. Javier Castellote

    But, Jacob, then, why do you explain the three questions only in simple positions? I didn´t know that they assist also in tactics positions.

  5. @Javier Castellote
    I don’t recommend using them for improving in tactics. I recommend the gold old tried and tested method of candidate moves. Simply look for options on the board. The rule of tactics is, if it works, it works.

    We will return to the three questions when we talk strategy.

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