Playing 1.e4 – French Defence & Sicilian Sidelines – excerpt

Update: I have just heard from the printer that printing is going to be slightly slower than hoped. For the two Playing 1.e4 books – French Defence & Sicilian Sidelines and Sicilian Main Lines – plus Jaan Ehlvest’s Grandmaster Opening Preparation, the publication date will be May 30th. This is a week later than recently announced. Apologies for the delay.

An excerpt of  Playing 1.e4 – French Defence & Sicilian Sidelines is now available at the following link.

I would be most interested to know what you think, but right now there is another book I need to finish.

24 thoughts on “Playing 1.e4 – French Defence & Sicilian Sidelines – excerpt”

  1. This book looks very good but I would love to access page 380 to see what’s covered in the Sicilian sidelines.

  2. Any plan to sell your books via chessable? I love your books and almost exclusively use quality chess books so I own a hardcover copy of most of your books, the forword chess app copy for travel but now with the chessable training formula I would love to purchase them all again so that I might actually train thru all of them properly

  3. In 1983 when Dutch author Tim Krabbé saw the Yarosh study in Soviet publication 64, he records that the realisation that somebody had at last solved the Babson task had the effect upon him as if he had “… opened a newspaper and seen the headline ‘Purpose Of Life Discovered’.”
    Well I’ve lived to see Playing 1.e4.
    I’m sure Krabbé checked the solution just to make sure- when I get the physical copies of 1.e4 in my hand I can now die happy.

  4. FINALLY! How long have we waited JUST for a small excerpt?

    That being said, I can’t wait for the books to be published! 😀

  5. @jerome


    We will likely update the excerpt with an abridged variation index – in similar style to what we did with Avrukh’s GM Repertoire 2A – King’s Indian and Grunfeld. But right now we are concentrating on getting the books exactly as we want them.

  6. Franck steenbekkers

    I Am very curious What will be move 6 in the so called guimard variation versus the tarash french

  7. @Franck steenbekkers
    I did the main analysis there. Everything is playable on some level, but this line is only playable for Black in one way and that way is very unpleasant for him as well. I will consider this one sort of busted.

  8. Jacob Aagaard

    @kutlu hasan
    When finishing Playing 1.e4 today, John will take an unscheduled week or so off, for the first time since the 2016 Olympiad, and then get right on it.

  9. For me most interesting what will be suggested against 3…Be7. Tiviakov, on his chessbase DVD some years ago, said he couldn’t find a really promising way for White.

  10. Do you have a planned date for the excerpt of “Grandmaster Opening Preparation by Jaan Ehlvest”, I’m curious about it.


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