And they said writing a book would be bad for your chess…

10 thoughts on “And they said writing a book would be bad for your chess…”

  1. Great video, Shankland looks cool, and easy, a clear head.
    Interesting to see him when he will meet other big guns, hope that he will be able to keep his confidence, and self control. Best wishes !

  2. @Alex Relya
    @JacobAagaard True, of course. But the pressure is different, once you are one of them… Before, Shankland beeing around 2650, playing solid and achieve a draw against a +2750 -which he did quite often- was some success. Now, he will meet another task : show that he is worth his newrating.If he manages it, it will be a huge result, because not many people of his age could manage it before, after such a elo jump. Shankland will need a lot of self confidence to confirm, in all cases the successes he had recently are invaluables.

  3. Jacob Aagaard

    Did you actually see the games from the US Championship? Against Nakamura and Caruana? Two near misses, for them.

  4. I saw quickly most of the games, and was also impressed by the level of his games in the Capa memorial; great technical games, in the style of the best Leko, I thought.

  5. @Jacob Aagaard
    Pawn up but not sure he was ever winning after a dodgy opening against Fabi. Probably still kicking himself for the Naka game- strategically won (and as black) approaching time control with Hikaru short on time and got unnecessarily sucked into blitzing out the final moves to match Naka when he had plenty of time to find the kill

  6. Now he is also the “American Continental Champ” 🙂 Congrats to Sam! 🙂 Let’s cross the fingers for him to get more invitations to tournaments with the top 10 or something similar! 🙂

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