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Just a little update. We have an agreement with a hotel 15 minutes from Heraklion Airport. It is an all-inclusive hotel, with nice rooms, swimming pools, beach access and so on. I hope we will be able to launch a website within a week and start accepting entries. 

The first camp will be 4-10 November, 4th being arrival day and an evening lecture, the 10th being departure day, after a morning training session. Boris Gelfand and I will be the trainers. A requirement of 2300 is needed to participate, but the level it will be shooting at will be 2500+.

In May, presumably 8-14th, we are likely to be the same place, but prices are going up, so we have are not yet decided. The camp then will be for players of all levels. We will have more coaches and there will be some group lectures and coaching and some time divided into groups.

One thing I want to make very clear, is that these camps are also for Grandmasters wanting to improve. I spend a lot of my time working with GMs or strong IMs. I am doing this camp just as much for their benefit, as I am doing it for the young or club player, who wants to improve or maybe just understand the game better. It will be all-inclusive camps, not just with food and drink, also concerning the chess.

And of course I want the camps to be fun! We are not going for cheap, we are going for quality on every aspect, as is our trademark.

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  1. Good going Jacob Aagaard! Despite being an inactive player for almost a decade now I have already penned in May 8th till 14th. Just wondering why you would want to start the event mid-week…. But that won’t stop me from attending! And in preparation I will definitely read the Woodpecker Method. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jacob Aagaard

    There are a few reasons. Mainly to do with two things.

    a) cheaper flights in general
    b) there is a tournament in Heraklion, ending on the 7th May. Why not make it comfortable for all?

  3. Are you planning a training seminar in Germany in May 2019 again (like Wewelsburg 2018), or is the Greece camp instead of the one in Germany?

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