Updates on Quality Chess Academy

As many off you know by now, Quality Chess Academy is having it first camp in less than two months away; GMs Gelfand and Aagaard, 4-10/11 on Crete, in case you you’ve missed it.

What we noticed is that it collides with Schachbundesliga and 4NCL on the 10th of November.
So, for those ones that are interested in participating in the camp, but haven’t registered yet, due to your commitment to your teams, we can offer a proportional discount on the participation fee. That way, you can still make it to both events, since you need to head back home earlier.
Yes, you will miss the party on the last night but you will have lots of fun during the week, as you can see on the schedule 🙂

For more information, advise the page www.qualitychessacademy.com and don’t hesitate to contact me via email for anything you need; kallia@qualitychess.co.uk 
Kallia Kleisarchaki

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