Carsten Hensel on the Perpetual Chess Podcast

Today we release the English translation of Carsten Hensel’s book: Vladimir Kramnik: The Inside Story of a Chess Genius. This is really a remarkable book, which has already gained attention in German for its descriptions of the tumultuous years 2005-2006 in the Chess World. But of course it covers much more.

The book is not objective, it takes sides, but what else would you expect of Kramnik’s former manager?

Of other points, we should say that Kramnik contributed greatly to the book by talking about key games and about all the other World Champions in detail.

Although this is a translation, we approached the book like we would any other project and did a thorough fact check and assisted the author in bringing his vision to the readers in the strongest possible way.

Now it is the marketing stage of course, which includes sending out review copies and getting people to talk about the book. A part of this has been to organise an interview with Carsten by Ben Johnson of the Perpetual Chess Podcast. It is Podcast no. 100 no less!ย The Interview is available here.


10 thoughts on “Carsten Hensel on the Perpetual Chess Podcast”

  1. Looking forward to listening to the interview later today. I hope to listen to an interview with a member of the QC team on Perpetual Chess someday too!

  2. @Tim S
    I was asked, but at the moment I really do not have anything interesting (new) to say. Felt that some of our authors are more interesting at the moment. Suggested Axel to him, hope they work it out. Obviously also managed to organise this. Also I am looking forward to listen to it later!

  3. You do not necessarily need to have something specific to say – Ben is great at coming up with a bunch of questions and making almost every single interview interesting.

    Also, now that he and/or you have each other’s direct dial, I hope, hope, hope Gelfand can make it on the pod (perhaps when his eagerly awaited book comes out)!!

  4. Jacob Aagaard :
    As I think he will not want to invite me on every six months, I think good timing would make sense! And yes, I will force Boris to do it.

    I guess I can understand that, although every six months sounds good to me lol!

    Aww yeah! Boris will be an amazing pod guest.

  5. Hi team !
    Seems there is a minor typo pp168-169 unless Bischoff and Illescas said the same thing about common sense and working with chess computers .
    Keep up the good work !

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