Woodpecker in Ethiopia

Woodpecker in Ethiopia 

We received the above photograph and the email below from Michael Schimmer of Frankfurt, Germany:

“For a three weeks’ adventure trip to Ethiopia I wanted to take with me ONE paper book – a chess book of course.

The book should have:
a) decent paper
b) decent cover sides
c) decent binding
considering I would use it in a tent or in some wild spots…

I came up with The Woodpecker Method, as I loved Pump Up Your Rating from Axel Smith.

And yes, The Woodpecker proved itself worthwhile. Usually we chess players praise first and by far foremost the content, but here I want to praise paper and binding as well. Very good job!

The attached picture was made 3600+ meters above sea level in the Simien-Mountains – and the book survived later on 100 meters below sea level as well without visible problems.
Keep on working on good content AND on good paper/binding – both is much appreciated.”

Thanks Michael! So if anyone was wondering if you could do your Woodpeckering 3600 metres up a mountain in Ethiopia, then the answer is yes. I am sure Axel and Hans would approve.

1 thought on “Woodpecker in Ethiopia”

  1. What a tough guy!
    Others have their hardships with the circumstances
    but Michael still has enough capacity for difficult brain work!

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