Grandmaster Repertoire 2B – excerpt

The final book in Boris Avrukh’s 1.d4 GM Repertoire has just been sent to the printer, all 592 pages of it. Expect a publication date in early April. An excerpt of Dynamic Systems can he read here.

I hope you enjoy the Avrukh excerpt. An excerpt of a different new book will appear on Monday.

7 thoughts on “Grandmaster Repertoire 2B – excerpt”

  1. Thanks, this looks good, and quite a tome this is with over 500 pages 🙂 . A pity that Avrukh is taking a break from writing for QC, but I guess he has said all he has to say with over 1500 pages of 1.d4 theory…

  2. GM1 & GM2 made the reputation of both B.Avrukh as a theorician & opening expert and QC as new standart in chess books. Great.

    With the revision in volume 1A/B & 2A/B we have a full & update 1.d4 repertoire.

    It is also interesting to follow white’s change of line along a decade. Can you make it clear which lines are still ok from the original 1A & 1B volumes and which lines of the original work are replace by new variations in recent A/B volumes ?

  3. Off topic

    Would it make sense for you to produce “Paul Morphy: Pride and Sorrow of Chess”?

    I would love to have this book in the QC standard, nice paper, editing, many more photos/drawings in high quality, etc. I just saw the new book on Emmanuel Lasker beautifully produced in hardback and thought that something similar for Morphy would be great, from QualityChess which is the best chess publisher to date in all honesty.

    Best Regards

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