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Small Steps to Giant Improvement by Sam Shankland has been available on Chessable for some time, but now extra video content can also be bought. It’s over 10 hours of Sam on video, being instructive. As is usual on Chessable, new content is introduced at a sales price, so if you are interested in this video then go for it in the first week.

You can see the introduction to Sam’s video below.

8 thoughts on “Small Steps – Chessable video”

  1. I bought it. I like it. I don’t feel that there’s actual extra-content (for quite a bit of extra money!) over the printed book or the non-video course on chessable, but being able to just watch and learn and enjoy is what an otherwise busy non-pro like me needs to make the best of his time. So, I will definitely keep the course (there’s a 30 day no-questions-asked money-back guaranee on If you’re a serious student with a lot of time but without the budget, you probably don’t need this extra bit.

  2. RYV :
    i think QC should focus on books, paper books !
    yes i am an old fashionned old man

    I agree, and we do focus on the content of our paper books.

    Whenever you see Quality Chess content in a different format, it’s (almost) certain that a different company handled the technical side – Forward Chess on e-books, and Chessable on courses and now this Sam Shankland video.

  3. Obviously we live in a market economy etc, and you pays your money/takes your choice, but the video content does seem very expensive-even with the discount-versus a DVD, which in many cases will not be radically shorter.

  4. @Fer
    I gave my thoughts about that position at the time and I did ask Sam if he wanted to add anything, but I guess he was too busy preparing for the next super-tournament to reply.
    Looking once again at the position from Mamadov-Shankland compared with the diagram in the book, one small difference is that Mamadov had already played his knight to g3. One of the main ideas of this manoeuvre is to go with the knight to f5 at some point, so I guess that’s another reason why the Bxe6, …fxe6 structure did not appeal to Mamadov and why Sam was happy to allow it. If the knight was still on f1, perhaps both players would have evaluated it differently.

  5. Hi
    What is the company policy on chessable at the moment? Excited by all the new books but while there is a publication schedule for the physical books there isn’t one for chessable. I already have most of the titles you have published on chessable and balk at paying twice for the same book but if I knew say the new grunfeld book was due on chessable i have the choice of buying either rather than get frustrated after buying the book and it suddenly pops up on chessable a week later. Even if I had some knowledge e.g. Published 6 months after the physicalbook, never going to be on chessable ever it would help make decisions

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