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The Award Season is truly upon us. After the ECF, Guardian Book and ChessCafe of the Year awards, it is now time for the biggest one of them all, the ChessPublishing Opening Book of the Year.

18 thoughts on “Vote for the Chess Publishing Book of the Year”

  1. We have our own favourites, but obviously we encourage anyone to vote for their own favourites, be it one of our books or one from Chess Stars or Everyman – or some other company…

  2. American Marketing will make Wojo’s a winner, thats my prediction. a few extra votes and that is it, I am afraid
    Wojo used to play King’s Indian, so after Kotronias’ books a Wojo’s Black Side will appear on the market ,

  3. American marketing? Qualitychess hypes up their books more than any other chess publisher. I think GM II will win because of the way Qualitychess hypes up there books and because I think it is very good.

  4. M.A.S. :I don’t see how you can consider the Wojo book is hyped up by “American marketing”.

    “Wojo’s Weapons has plenty to offer chessplayers of ALL strengths”
    “if you think YOU’RE READY TO START WINNING the Wojo way, there is NO LONGER ANYTHING STOPPING you.”
    “was touted for its accessibility to CLUB players”
    “have JOINED FORCES to produce the DEFINITIVE “HOW-TO” manual”
    “is a SEMINAR in how to CASH IN on small advantages, which players of ALL strengths – EVEN those WHO DON’T play queen’s pawn openings – will find instructive.”
    “you can QUICKLY get started WINNING THE WOJO”

  5. There is no question about that GMII is far better book then “Wojos Weapons”, but it is one of the better ´non qualitychess books in the last year

  6. I have tried but failed to find the place where we hype our books. We have the standard 5-10 lines of promotional text for each of our books, where we try to say what is nice about our books. We have never claimed to be the leading chess publisher, but we obviously do quote Gelfand for saying this. We are very proud when our books help defeating top players and things like that, but we don’t really use much time on marketing. It is less effective than working on the quality of the books.

    Obviously Mr Smith is just trying to get to me, but this once actually I do have something to say. Look at NIC newsletters; all their books are big events (and at times, they are), both Gambit and Everyman are the leading publisher and so on.

    I think we feel more comfortable in being compared to Chess Stars, we just try to put out great stuff and hope thaty people like it. And when they do, we quote them. We have 4 editors and one part time book keeper. I try to do the business side of the company as quickly as I can so I can get back to the real work.

  7. If there is one publisher who hypes their own books in an absurd way it is New In Chess.

    I don’t see Quality Chess hyping their books compared to other publishers. I hope M.A.S. (moaning and sorrowful?) finds something better to do with his life.

  8. Thank you for you support. It is true that after Casper started at New in Chess, he has done a lot of work promoting their books. At times they are doing truly great things, making his job easier. I find him very charming and pleasant to deal with, but we choose to simply quote other people’s experience of our books; selecting those quotes that we feel reflect what we were trying to do :-).

  9. Abramov Anjuhin

    …and the winner of ChessPub Opening Book of the Year is…

    * * * GM Repertoire V2 (Avrukh) * * *

    Congrats guys 🙂

  10. I am working on some improvisation of games played by great masters,and would liked to be checked ,and if possible,published,because I see it will be very useful for the players,that even great masters are not viewing the entire board position ,and only on some partial ideas ,continue their games.Initially i may sent some examples and seeing them,the publishers may take a decision on the worthness

    1. Jacob Aagaard

      Maybe the main point is to do the work with great curiousity. After this it might not get published, but it will definitely have made you smarter!

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