2019 World Cup Quiz–Winners

We have been planning to announce the winner of our World Cup Quiz for a while now, but we wanted to announce all the winners at once. Yes, there was a tie for first when all the correct answers were known. Five winners, but only three have replied to our emails.

So congratulations to Vilka Sipila of Finland, Stefan Liepold of Germany, and Marija Martinović of Croatia. The latter, before her marriage, was named Marija Čačić, and was one of the winners of our 2015 World Cup quiz. So clearly a chess-quizzing star.

It is a five-way share of 20 books, so 4 books each, but we expanded that to 5 books each, just to be friendly. Books will be on the way to the winners.

As for the two missing winners, we have email addresses, which of course I will not publish here. But we are still seeking them. Based on email addresses, one missing winner seems to be Italian while the other is Croatian. So if you happen to be Italian or Croatian and entered our quiz, then please check your emails, or see if you scored 14/27 points – that was the winning total.

2 thoughts on “2019 World Cup Quiz–Winners”

  1. Dear Jacob and other QC staff members,

    Please consider to publish or translate books on Boris SPASSKY games (recents russian books by Kalinichenko and two volumes by Krogius et al).

    Also there are many many good books by Russian Chess House to be translated.

    I’m very big fan of old Russian manuals and game collections, so please update your classic chess books series with few more titles.

    Besides, Tibor Karoly could consider to write his excellent game collections books on:
    – Paul Morphy,
    – VLadimir Kramnik.


    May I add excellent Soviet classic by Grigory Lisitsin: Strategy and Tactics from 1952 (translated in Croatian in 1986) which is beeing reissued also in current edition by Russian Chess House. Please note that he wrote, besides Rabinovich, also a manual on endgames in 1952.

    Please translate those books, they are Soviet classics too 🙂

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