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IM Koen Leenhouts from the Netherlands very kindly sent us the above photo with the caption: “Spent a couple of weeks with wonderful reading material?” And he added “The Anand Files however I found fascinating to read.”

Thanks for that. And we will forgive you for having two non-QC books out of the six.

The Anand Files features prominently in that photo, and is receiving fantastic reviews. For example: “The Anand Files is a triumph, beautifully written and accompanied by more than one hundred full-color photos. Abeln has done his subject justice and the only flaw in the work is that it ends.” John Hartmann, Chess Life

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  1. Not quite related to the thread perhaps, but still on publishing: anyone who fancy your competetors new webpage which (1) doesn’t work on standard iPads (not on the two I used yesterday) and (2) with authors listed not by the standard family name? But maybe it is only me who doesn’t know that Sedlaks surname is Nikola…

    New In Chess gave up to you guys, presumably: they are actually deliberately trying to make it impossible to buy books …. Lovely to see stability at QC, no sudden changes for the sake of changing…

    1. Our friends in New in Chess have been bought by our friends in the Play Magnus Group. They are going through an adjustment, which we do not know where will lead. Personally, it is hard for me to see that Everyman will be distributing from England in the future. It makes no sense. Probably soon all chess books will be shipped from Poland.

      I do believe that New in Chess will come out stronger of the transition and will continue to make the chess world richer. But with transitions comes mistakes. We should be patient before we judge them.

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