Avrukh wins ChessPublishing Book of the Year prize


After a tough fight, Boris Avrukh’s Grandmaster Repertoire 2 won the public vote for the ChessPublishing Book of the Year prize. Congratulations to Boris and thanks to all those who voted.

Last year the first volume of Mihail Marin’s 1.c4 GM Repertoire won this prize, so ChessPublishing regulars clearly have excellent taste. Next year we shall attempt to three-peat.

2 thoughts on “Avrukh wins ChessPublishing Book of the Year prize”

  1. I have an off topic question if you don’t mind. I need to prepare a short chess lesson for some sort of job application. I’m using chessbase + word as usual but maybe you guys can recommend a software which can make my work look more ”professional”.

  2. Congrats to Avrukh! His win was well deserved, can’t wait to buy his upcoming Grunfeld book, wouldn’t be surprised if that won next years vote, if his other books are anything to go by :p. Keep up the great work Quality Chess!

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