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Saturday I made a bad mistake. While packing up web orders, I sent out the final copy of my first book for Quality Chess Practical Chess Defence, which is now not available through the website. Shops will still have it, but we are out. At the moment we are not reprinting. If I in 1-2 years look at it again, I would make an entirely new version, but at the moment I am busy with a lot of other things. The mistake is that I did not write a note to the buyer. I am sorry!

Also, there is a mistake that I know of in the book. Exercise 170 is to win, not to draw!

This position is also in Quality Chess Puzzle Book, the book John Shaw wrote based on the first of my collections of training material for Boris Gelfand.

About the webshop

We are open for business. But things are going slowly for another week still. I am doing the packing and posting personally. I go to the post office 2-3 times per week to send out the parcels. I am going in a moment, actually. There were too many to pack Saturday! I first had to go to the office to pick up the books…

Be patient. The books will come, just a bit slower than usual.

Also remember that the postal workers are also adjusting and that bringing out the latest book on the Grunfeld is not worth dying for, even if people are dying to read it.

4 thoughts on “Webshop update”

  1. Keep going and good health to all. Practical Chess Defence helped me a lot! In any case, I have been buying (only QC of course) about six books at my local store in Alkmaar to support you.

  2. Robert Mitchell

    I hope you guys are well and still selling lots of books. I’ve bought countless over the years, although these days usually in digital form. The lockdown has allowed me to more time for reading and in particular I’ve been finding John Shaw’s book on the Kings Gambit a total joy. I stopped playing the opening sometime in the 1990’s after John himself crushed me with Fischer’s defence. In these days of the London system plague it’s an inspiring book.

    1. Jacob Aagaard

      It is tough times for all. We will still be here when this scourge is over, but we are hit the same as everyone else.

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