New Cover: Boris Gelfand – Decision making in Major Piece Endings

Boris feels strongly that this cover reflects the spirit of the book better, so we followed his intuition.

The previous copperish colors didn’t work, so I went with silver, to make sure the face is the focal point of the whole cover and not just of the great photo that Maria Emelianova took.

13 thoughts on “New Cover: Boris Gelfand – Decision making in Major Piece Endings”

  1. Nice. The surrounding colors make the chess pieces especially pop. Big fan of the font, too. Different and yet clean.

  2. Great cover. Superb. Only problem is that one of the world’s best players has written an important book that will improve my chess, and I’m more interested in adding coffeehouse opening to my blitz repertoire. Oh well, guess I’ll have to get them both.

  3. An Ordinary Chessplayer

    It seems the position in front of GM Gelfand is not a major piece ending. In fact he is still in the opening. Perhaps some fancy image editing could replace the chessboard with something more thematic.

  4. Agreed. The position on the board is obviously NOT a major piece ending. May be an excellent book orherwise, but having a position on the cover that is not even remotely associated with the title is not ideal.

  5. Very good decision to change the cover!
    In my view the old cover-photo was unbelievable ugly/unattractive…

  6. Why is this 4th book cover in color, while all the previous ones are in black and white, or grey? Have you guys thought about that on purpose, or was it by chance? I think it would be more consistent to have all 4 books with the same style.

  7. Nice to see that excerpts of both Gelfand ( and Jacob ) books are available !
    Will take a look at the rook ending between Tomashevsky and Svidler

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