Experts on the Anti-Sicilian – the final slug

Sending a book of to the printer happens on a Friday night one time in three. Outside it is getting dark and dangerous, while we proofread the 440 pages a final time – undoubtedly missing something important. At the end of all books, we hate them. Or rather, we just want to go home…

It seems the book will be out on the 12th April in some countries, and a few days later in others. We will start sending websales on the 11th.

17 thoughts on “Experts on the Anti-Sicilian – the final slug”

  1. Not the longest day in my life, but one of the hardest. My shoulder hurts, my head hurts, my nose is running and I have just been to work for 13 hours. Thank God that John and Andrew are finishing the job…

  2. Clearly some powerful families in Sicily have exerted their dark influence to prevent the book from reaching the press. And they have good reason to be scared. Jacob, John, and Andrew– god bless you for taking on the mighty sicilianites so that law and order may be restored. I have faith that your sore shoulder and head will recover from this holy task. The Sicilian, on the other hand, never will!

  3. Willem-Jan Pannekoek

    Is this an open invitation for proofreaders, Jacob? I’m in! 🙂 Congratulations on your submission, looking forward to read it!

  4. For some bizarre reason I like this utter lack of sympathy and the request for “more”. Not in the Dickens sense, but in the modern sense where children suck their carers dry, be they there parents or otherwise…

    Yes, I will have it ready for Monday.

  5. Franck Steenbekkers

    Where can i find the pdf (who is Jesse?)

    Najdorf with 6 Bg5 Maybe is Thomas Luther an good suggestion to do this book



  6. Franck,

    I must say that this site has gotten a little sloppy with it’s PDFs. Even books that are already published, the PDFs are not on the PDF page (like Cutting Edge 2). Instead, they’ve been putting them only on the page where you go to enter quanity and add to cart.

    So you have to go to the page that shows upcoming books (or the hardcovers page) and click on that book cover. From there, you’ll see a PDF link.

    I don’t think a PDF has been added to the normal PDFs page this calendar year yet.

    On a seperate note:

    After looking at the preview and table of contents, I’ll definitely be buying this book. Basically has everything I need. For those of you not so fortunate, and still need an answer to the Morra Gambit, pick up “The Modern Morra Gambit” by Hannes Langrock, and go thru the last 2 games of Chapter 9 (something like pages 237 thru 245, might be off a page or so, but it’s only 9 or 10 pages) on the Chicago Defense. I have yet to face the Morra Gambit over the board since taking up this line, but have had 3 or 4 games online, and mauled White every time in dynamic fashion.

    If you get the time, it wouldn’t hurt, after going thru those 2 games, to go thru the first 4 games in the same chapter to get a true understanding why the other lines don’t really work, why Black should play 8…Nc6 and 9…Ra7.

  7. Jesse is our webmaster. He comments here at times too.

    The main place to get the PDF’s is from the book page. The PDF page points there anyway. We want it to be on the PDF listing as well, but don’t be too harsh if it is not, please.

  8. @Patrick
    Thanks for the feedback. Based on your comment, I updated the pdf page.
    (check. did i overlook a book?).

    Missing information, typos, wrong dates, broken links, missing image, etc. –
    please mention these things when you notice them – ideally, via the blog.

  9. @Jacob Aagaard

    Sorry if you thought it was harsh…wasn’t intended to be. On the Tic Tac Toe post, when I mentioned about not needing an update just because of post count, you mentioned that sometimes you need us to post messages as kinda a “wake-up call” for updates or fixes to the Website, so I just followed your advice! 🙂

    But anyway, I look forward to seeing the book come out – definite chapters of interest, in my opinion, are 2-4, 6-10, 12, and 21-25. Especially Chapter 25 – Even Marin doesn’t recommend 2.g3 against 1…b6, and in the Introduction it talks how 2.b3 g6 could be a serious attempt at trying to bust the line for White. I’m well aware it’s not a refutation, but just being legitimate surprises me!

  10. If there are mistakes on the site, please push. But don’t hit me! Be gentle with me, I have two children, my life is hard enough as it is! (Actually, it is bliss, but let me whine please)

    I believe 2…g6! is a serious problem for White. I wanted to play like this with Black too.

    I also think Chapter 1 is very strong. We sort of started and ended with the best articles; or this was at least the intention.

  11. Here’s some pushing. 😉

    Rather significant typos on the pdf page:
    Verbesseren Technik (GERMAN)
    Should be “Verbessern” -> one e less. Same thing inside the sample chapter!

    Verbessern Sie Ihre Schach (GERMAN)
    “Ihr” -> wrong gender, chess is neutral.
    I’ll leave the discussion on whether or not “Ihr” should be written in small or capital letters to the linguists. I don’t feel qualified to say it for sure. 😉
    I didn’t check the pdf.

    Vonden Legenden Lernen (GERMAN)
    “Von den …” -> add a space.
    Didn’t DL the pdf.

  12. I can’t wait for this one!
    Chapter 2 is massive compared with some other chapters. I would like to know a little bit more about it. What is that “classical” variation? Is it the traditionnal Nf6 main line or the variation with… Nf6, and later…e6? The later is suitable for kan, paulsen players the former is not, an important issue for my own repertoire.
    Thanks for all the informations you share on this blog.

  13. @Isolani


    The anti-2.c3 line given is …Nf6 then …e6 and …d6 (with the knight usually staying on d5) so that’s compatible with your Kan move order.

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