Endgames Camp by 365 Chess Academy

365 Chess Academy is hosting a three-day camp to celebrate the publication of the 2012 World Championship Challenger Boris Gelfand’s two new endgame books; Technical Decision Making in Chess and Decision Making in Major Piece Endings by Quality Chess.

GM Boris Gelfand is returning as a guest lecturer to 365 Chess Academy. He will be joined by some of our regular coaches, such as GM Jacob Aagaard, GM Sam Shankland, GM Julen Arizmendi, and IM Renier Castellanos.

This camp is completely free for 365 subscribers and is offered at a hugely discounted price for non-subscribers; only $49!

We highly recommend that you subscribe at least with a monthly membership ($99), so that you can enjoy all these great chess trainers on a regular basis. Click here to go to the shop.

Schedule (UK timings)

Friday 9 October

17:30 GM Jacob Aagaard – Deep analysis in the Endgame.
19:30 GM Sam Shankland – Low on time? Being Practical in Modern Endgames

Saturday 10 October

17:00 GM Julen Arizmendi – Tricks, traps and tactics in the endgame
19:00 GM Boris Gelfand – Technical Decision Making in Chess
21:00 Simul with GM Sam Shankland

Sunday 11 October

17:00 IM Renier Castellanos – The five rules of opposite coloured bishop endings
19:00 GM Boris Gelfand – Decision Making in Major Piece Endings

Check out the timings of the camp in your local time zone here, using our Google Calendar.

3 thoughts on “Endgames Camp by 365 Chess Academy”

  1. Andrew/John,
    Have watched the taster video from chess academy website and Sam keeps talking about him writing chapters of a technical endgame book (not clear if this is just rooks or not) Is this a qc production or someone else e.g. Chessable?

  2. @JB
    In the longer form he specifies this is indeed a book, to be published alongside one by Jacob on Practical Rook Endings. The two will be published together, with Jacob being likely the last to finish, meaning in his view 2022 is the likely release date.

  3. @Paul H
    Thanks Paul. Did you sign up for a month’s trial and what did you think? Apart from Negi final volume I don’t think I need any more opening books and watching Magnus win game after game in the ending from an equal opening and middlegame position, endgame is where I need to work on. The two Gelfand books are a good start though there’s less about the actual decision making than I thought, more some deeply analysed games.

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