The best books of 2010 according to The Week in Chess

Sean Marsh, writing at The Week in Chess, selected his best books of last year in Off the Shelf – The Best of 2010. As the screenshot below shows, we can be happy that Jacob’s Attacking Manuals 1 and 2 both made the list. Also the bonus of a new spelling of Jacob’s surname.

The full review of the Attacking Manuals says good things such as “They can rightly be considered as the flagships of the Quality Chess productions.”

7 thoughts on “The best books of 2010 according to The Week in Chess”

  1. That is quite unprofessional of them to get the spelling wrong, however a big well done to Jacob for this award!

  2. Attacking Manual Vol.2 honestly gets the top spot in my opinion. Truly a magnificent book– the equivalent of a shelf of books and among the greatest middlegame books of all time. TRUTH!

  3. According to Elburg all books are masterpieces. I rate Sean quite a bit over that. Obviously all of our books ARE masterpieces – even if some of them are failed ones…

    My favourite book of 2010 is GM2. John’s is GM4. Andrew was too busy with the Karpov books to have a favourite…

  4. Hey,

    a few questions comes to my mind.

    1) what about a discount for book collections? (like attacking manual 1 & 2; Gm rep. 3-5; yusupov series 1-3 etc?)
    2) do you have a plan to get out “build up your chess series” in harcover?
    3) when people have a choice between softcover and hardcover what is the preffered choice? do you have any summary for that? I am only curious.

  5. 1) There are a few issues there; one of them being the way the website works. It has honestly been a low priority for me to do this. When the whole Yusupov series is out, there will definitely be a discount, but before that there is a decent discount on shipping when you order more books.

    2) Yes. It is partly a cash flow issue and partly organisational. Volumes 1&3 are already available in hardcover.

    3) No comment.

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