FIDE Book of the Year Shortlist

Quality Chess nominated three titles for the FIDE Book of the Year prize. And we are delighted that all three were selected for the shortlist – more than any other publisher. The FIDE announcement can be read here.

Best of luck to all our contenders!

The three titles we nominated are: Decision Making in Major Piece Endings by Boris Gelfand and Jacob Aagaard.

Think Like a Machine by Noam Manella and Zeev Zohar.

And the third nomination was an Italian Renaissance double-act: Move Orders, Tricks and Alternatives and The Main Lines by Martyn Kravtsiv.

2 thoughts on “FIDE Book of the Year Shortlist”

  1. Think Like a Machine. has been awarded Runner up
    Congrats to the authors and team at Quality Chess

    I have all 3 nominated books by Quality Chess. None of the other books nominated by other publishers, so I can’t comment on them. However with the 3 Quality Chess books.
    I enjoy all 3. They all deserve an award. They are all different in content yet are all enjoyable, different in subject area yet they are are all are of high quality.

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