Boris Avrukh Seminar 5-8 May in Glasgow

Quality Chess is pleased to host a fourteen-hour training seminar over four days with probably the most renowned theoretician in the world. GM Boris Avrukh has worked with Gelfand, Kramnik and Caruana and is currently the trainer of the Israeli national team.

The sessions will be divided into two themes: the opening and the middlegame.
Thursday the 5th 19-22: Preparation at Grandmaster level
Friday the 6th 19-22: Developments in Avrukh’s 1.d4 repertoire
Saturday the 7th 14-18: Prophylactic Play
Sunday the 8th 12-16: Aggressive Play

Venue: Quality Chess office, Central Chambers, 93 Hope Street, Suite 45 (Mezzanine floor). Entrance next to Caffe Nero, opposite Glasgow Central Station.

Price: £120 for all four days. 50% discount for juniors and those living outside Scotland who travel here to attend. £60 for a single day attendance. If we have more than 20 full paying customers (or equivalent income) every participant will get a free copy of a Quality Chess book. Every participant will receive a 25% discount on QC books bought during the lectures.

Payment method: To reserve your place, please send a cheque made out to Jacob Aagaard to 20 Balvie Road, Glasgow, G62 7TA, UK. Please also confirm via e-mail to

Born in 1978 in Kazakhstan, Boris started playing chess at the age of 6. His first big win was the Soviet u-12 Championship (beating among others Sergey Movsesian). Later the same year he won the u-12 World Championship. In 1991 he won silver in the u-14 European Championship. In 1995 his family moved to the famous chess city of Beer-Sheva in Israel, where Boris received a lot of support from the director of the Beer-Sheva Chess Club, Ilyau Levant. From 1995-2000 Boris worked with Grandmasters Mark Tseitlin and Alexander Huzman (Gelfand’s coach for many years). The work bore fruit and in 1998 he became a grandmaster.

Boris’s debut as a chess writer was Grandmaster Repertoire 1 – 1.d4 Volume One in 2008 and he was immediately hailed as one of the world’s top chess theorists. The book’s impact on top level and amateur chess has been exceptional and also brought great success to Quality Chess. In 2010 Boris repeated this success with the second part of his repertoire: Grandmaster Repertoire 2 – 1.d4 Volume Two. In June his new book, Grandmaster Repertoire 8 – The Grunfeld Defence will be published. All of these books are published by Quality Chess.
From 1998 to 2009 Boris played for the Israeli national team. His success as an author, and subsequent training and lecturing jobs, meant that he was not selected for the 2010 Olympiad due to the principle that only full-time players should be in the team, although he was clearly strong enough. The national coach decided Boris’s abilities were better used as a second and he now works for the Israeli national team in that capacity.

7 thoughts on “Boris Avrukh Seminar 5-8 May in Glasgow”

  1. I would like to come to this but the transport / hotel from South England – and explaining to the wife why I have to run off to Glasgow for 4 days is probably too much for me. ;-(
    Do you have any plans of putting on anything similar in the South.
    Like maybe a chess book festival?

  2. No, I am sorry, we don’t have any plans. We have held a few things in the London Chess Centre in the past, but actually, we get more participants in Glasgow/Edinburgh than we do in London.

    Also, really it is me organising this as a private person, rather than Quality Chess. I just get full back-up from the guys, which is really nice. All profits, should there actually be any (I doubt it this time) will go to promotion of chess in Scotland in some form. I have still not decided how. In the past we held an IM tournament and a rapid tournament, plus gave some money to Chess Scotland. More than was generated from the training, but then we get some tax breaks as well :-).

  3. Hi Mark

    My first thought was the same as yours – too far – time off work etc. Then I decided it was just too good to miss despite a 1,000 mile round trip. My wife has decided she wants to visit Glasgow so who am I to argue?

  4. Sounds good. Obviously we have not seen it and not even received the invoice. Luckily for these guys, we are the type that just pay up :-).

  5. Came on after rnd 7 part 1 (3rd video down as I’m writing) and you can view it here:
    I think Macauley Peterson is the producer of the US Championship videos and also most likely created the advert I think, he also did the recent London Chess Classic and Amber tounry videos as well (which were the best chess event coverage I’ve seen personally), and he has his own podcast show with IM Lawrence Trent and GM Stephen Gordon called the Full English Breakfast. Definitely seems the goto guy for professional chess videos.

  6. I’ve also seen the ad. Not really spectacular, but classy, professionally made, not disturbing and short enough. Pretty good stuff.

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