John Watson’s Chess Life book reviews

US Chess is making IM John Watson’s book reviews available via Chess Life Online. Here’s the first one, which looks at Gawain Jones’ Coffeehouse Repertoire from Quality Chess. The team will be working backwards and posting his archived reviews over the coming weeks, and also posting each new one monthly as we go forward.

8 thoughts on “John Watson’s Chess Life book reviews”

  1. Hi ! I would like to make a suggestion for a future book. I propose the two volumes of The Middlegame by Euwe and Kramer. I think it’s no longer published, which is a shame because it’s a great book, and one of my favorites. If we could have it available again in a modern edition, it would be great news for all chess players on the planet 🙂 Thank you in advance

  2. @Blue Knight
    Hi Blue Knight, the book you mention is available from Hays Publishing, which I know cause I researched and bought it recently. Not intended as a promotion or anything as I like the standard of Quality Chess much better, but given this, I doubt it useful for Quality Chess to publish it as well. One book I would like to see is a series on Spassky, such as the one on Karpov`s strategic wins. Here, it is really hard to find at least a ´relatively recent´ substitute on the market.
    Best regards,

  3. John Christopher Simmons

    I agree of the World champions Spassky has the biggest gap in good quality chess books. The last was from chess stars over ten years and is now OP. I think it was mainly informator styled annotations.

  4. A book on Spassky in style of the two volumes on Karpov would be an instant buy for me. In fact, there are four Spassky games in the first of the Karpov tomes – unfortunately none in which Spassky was particularly able to shine …

  5. @JoPi
    That’s been on many peoples wish list for a long time, but for some reason Quality Chess seem reluctant to find an author for this project.

  6. A few questions.

    1. I’m interested to see that the QGA book planned is not on the coming soon. Will this be published any time soon? I noticed the author seems to have been very active writing for another publishing house (a recent 2 volume work on the Benko believe?).
    2. Is there a timeframe of when the 1…e5 version by Negi will be finished in the 1 e4 GM Rep series?
    3. I REALLY like the idea of the KID books (and to the same extent the Dutch books & Playing 1 d4 d5) that covered 1 d4 deviations and a response to the English is covered. This would be so helpful if this could be done for other works such as NID/QID, Benoni, Grunfeld. I know you did the Avrukh & Mikhalevsky books, but don’t necessarily fit neatly into a repertoire (e.g. Mikhalesvsky doesn’t cover Bb7 QID transpositions).

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