World Senior Team Champions (50+)

Congratulations to our authors, GM Michael Adams and GM Nigel Short, and the rest of the English senior team! World Senior Team Champions (50+)!

GM Michael Adams, the author of Think Like a Super GM, won the gold for best individual performance in board 1.
GM Nigel Short, the author of Winning, won the gold for the best performance for board 2.
GM Mark Hebden, another player of the English team, won the gold for the best individual performance for board 3.
GM Jaan Ehlvest, the author of Grandmaster Opening Preparation, won the gold for the best individual performance for board 4 while playing for the USA team.
You can see the results of all the games here.

1 thought on “World Senior Team Champions (50+)”

  1. John Christopher Simmons

    My generation still going strong. Played Michael Adams way back in the 1984 U18 Cornish championship. Played would be more accurately translated as Trashed by, of course.

    It was quite amazing really had two world class players, and the generation slightly older Miles, Speelman, Nunn etc not far behind. The level of support for chess in the 80’s in the UK was just as poor as now, as far as I remember.

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