Two New Excerpts

At the very end of August, we will publish two new books: Fischer – Spassky 1972 by Tibor Karolyi plus Korchnoi and his Chess Grandchildren by Vladimir Barsky.

On Fischer – Spassky 1972 the title only tells part of the story – yes, there is in-depth study of the famous Reykjavik match, but Karolyi also covers the 1992 rematch. You can read an excerpt here.

Korchnoi and his Chess Grandchildren features 25 deeply annotated games from the latter stages of Korchnoi’s career. Numerous articles, photos and interviews also provide a vivid portrait of a spiky and lively character. You can read an excerpt here.

18 thoughts on “Two New Excerpts”

  1. John Christopher Simmons

    Found the most interesting part of the excerpt of Fischer – Spassky 1972 to be there will likely be a book of Spassky’s best games. It’s the biggest gap that there isn’t any high quality annotations with explanations of his games, since has mentioned, Spassky never wrote about his career himself. Myself from a generation that has seen many books of the match himself, the excerpt wasn’t a good example because was too positional, and didn’t show any missed ideas in previous annotations. It would have been nice to know why the Huebner var isn’t played much these days, if it isn’t just fashion.
    Korchnoi is always interesting, will have to check if there is much overlap in the games in his own books.

  2. Fair point about the excerpt. The book does contain many new discoveries but most of the major analytical improvements are in more complicated, tactical games and closely contested endgames, the analysis of which takes up too many pages for an excerpt. That’s why a shorter game was chosen.
    However, I had a fresh look and was able to find another relatively short game containing a huge improvement which was missed by all the commentators at the time. (Obviously not claiming with 100% certainty that no one found it, but we can only go by the sources we’re aware of which Tibor checked.) We will make the new excerpt available later today.

  3. Hi, just a quick question on Korchnoi’s new book. I already have the OLMS edition with both his Black and White games (plus the extra 10 games). This book covers several of his games from his last years. But I was wondering: Have you guys checked how many games overlap?

  4. George Hollands

    @Jacob Aagaard

    I know it’s a pain but useful for us to have so we can budget accordingly. Alternatively you could just say how many books are likely to be published in the next 18 months. Makes no difference to me, I will buy them all anyway! 🙂

  5. Farewell to Scotland then Jacob. The deep fried mars bars finally proved too much ?. Hope your relocation goes well but how does this leave QC? A joint Scottish/Danish company now or what?

  6. @Jacob Aagaard

    Hi Jacob,
    I hope you are not a victim of Brexit? Hope QC continues for quite a long time to come. Coming in from above, #5, I think a good quality book on Boris Spassky would be very welcome

  7. @KevHun
    Sorry for late replies, I spent most of the summer in the US doing training camps.

    Honestly, all in UK are victims of Brexit, I maybe less so than others, as I belong two places and will now be able to go to the other place without missing a beat.

    Quality Chess will continue as before. Colin is retiring at the end of November, but John, Andrew, Kallia and I will continue as always! I already work from home and rarely go to the office, so the main change will be that I will go to the office MORE when I am in Glasgow, which will be frequent enough.

    Nikos delivered his last chapter to Renier, who reviewed it and returned it to Nikos for final lines. Andrew is finishing another book first, but it is written and it is coming.

    Some books we do not have the digital rights for. Often translated books. So yeah, sorry dude.

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