Retiring – GM Colin McNab

Today, the final day of November, is also the final day at work of our friend and colleague Colin McNab, who has decided to take early retirement to enjoy a well-deserved life of leisure. Colin has worked with us for 12 years and 1 day, mainly as an editor and proofreader. His contribution will be much missed at QC and we wish him well.

Colin is a FIDE Grandmaster, Scottish Champion on 5 occasions, 1992 Commonwealth Champion, and was part of the British team that won the World Championship of Problem Solving. These skills were not stretched on Colin’s very first day of proofreading files for QC, when he spotted an overlooked mate-in-one.

The photo above shows Colin receiving a small memento from QC. To save you zooming in, the plaque on the trophy says “Quality Chess – Employee of the Month – December 2022”.

For shops or customers, best not to email Colin in future.

5 thoughts on “Retiring – GM Colin McNab”

  1. Enjoy your retirement Colin. Pioneered fianchettos before they became trendy and famously easily drew with Gazza as black . Well deserved ☺️

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