Part-time job as Admin & Bookkeeper – Quality Chess, Glasgow City Centre – UPDATE Position Filled

Do you want to work with a small team in an independent chess-specialist publishing house 2 minutes’ walk from Glasgow Central train station?

The job requires you to have strong numerical skills and for it to be easy for you to work with software such as Excel, Xero and other specialised software. It does NOT require in-depth knowledge of any of these software packages, only a natural comfort and adaptability for working with numbers-based software.

The job requires you to be organised, consistent and reliable. But mostly it requires you to be responsible. We are a small team and every person has their own area of responsibility. You cannot be waiting to be told to do things, but have to proactively (in conversation with your supervisor) ensure that your areas of responsibility are under control and up to date.

The job does not require any specialised chess knowledge, although it will be seen as a plus, as we are a chess company.

The job requires good written English, in order to communicate with customers and other people outside the company, but does not require you to be a native speaker.

The job could be a good fit for someone wanting to slow down, but who still wants to work for a number of years. But age, gender or nationality are not criteria for the job, which has been held by both men and women in the past, as well as Brits and foreign nationals.

The job is part-time and will be a minimum of three hours per day, maximum six hours, starting at 9.30 am. It will not always be possible to predict when the workload is higher, but 80+ percent of the time it will be possible to estimate which days will require longer hours.

Often aspects of the job can be done on the following day, as long as orders are processed – which is almost always possible. Thus, planning your own work-week will be a normal thing to do.

The job is 15-25 hours per week. With the usual holiday provisions and public holidays. Generally with great flexibility.

The pay is £15 per hour, meeting all the legal requirements.

Anyone interested, please contact John Shaw at or call 0141 204 2073

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