QC and other publishers will not participate in any FIDE Book of the Year Award for the time being


8 thoughts on “QC and other publishers will not participate in any FIDE Book of the Year Award for the time being”

  1. Thanks for the list. I can live without those publishers. Sadly your books are too good to skip, but the growth speed of my collection(*) will certainly decrease.

    (*) According to my Excel I do own 124 Quality chess books at the moment, so I’m set for the foreseeable future.
    in b4: Have you read them all? Yes, twice!

  2. @Alex Relyea
    You confuse neutrality with a “don’t care” attitude.
    Russia’s invasion, their continued attacks against civilian infrastructure, abduction of children etc (etc covering lots of war crimes, I am afraid) doesn’t leave room for neutrality really.
    States that call themselves “neutral” are probably really just out for economic advantages.

  3. @Tobias
    People got so blind in their hate, makes me sad .. “If you don’t support me, you support them!”. No, I support neither. Not the war criminals, that deliver depleted uranium or cluster bombs. Let’s quote Mr. Olaf Scholz “Frieden schaffen ohne Waffen – das finde ich total lustig” or people for peace are called “fallen angels from hell” by him. So we are the good ones?

    I’d suggest you watch, what Mr. George Friedman said 8 years(!) ago (link below). If you don’t know Mr. Friedman from the Council of Global Affairs, The Grand Chessboard (by Zbigniew Brzezinski) or the RAND Corporation, then it’s a good point to start your political education there.

    It took the US less to create an illegal sea blockade in Cuba btw.

    “The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy, no more, no less.” (Schlock Mercenary)

  4. What a bunch of BS; how about quitting events after France bombing Lybia, how about what the OTAN did in Serbia, the US doing what they did in Iraq for example? I won’t support a Nazi state like the Ukraine that’s for sure

  5. But come on, Matt, two things:
    – it is so sad to hear such complete nonsense. There are no “Nazi states”, the last one was Third Reich 1945, remember? (Open a book and check it). There are surely a handfull of neo nazis in EVERY country, I mean there are always fools, right.
    – I never understood why some people like to support country A instead of B, where country B lived in peace until country A suddenly invaded B and massmurdered B’s citizens.

    What kind of cavemen would then speak up about B instead of just condemning A. In particular since A has this very ugly habit to invade neighbours. Why the heck is it so hard for “A” (yep, fascist R) to just stick to their own VAST country? It is not 1812 anymore, wake up; there will not be a invasion of tanks suddenly happening, aiming for Moscov. We in west don’t give a shit about this country except that we think they should stop terrorizing other countries. If they feel they need some kind of “buffert zone” then move their own cities 1000 miles into their vast country. Just don’t tell us, we don’t want to hear the bs anymore. Pls save us the propaganda, it is so lame. Matt, my dear troll, let’s now focus on chess from here.

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