Two New Books – Excerpts

On October 18th we will publish two superb new books: Theoretical Rook Endgames by GM Sam Shankland, and Conceptual Rook Endgames by GM Jacob Aagaard.

The excerpt of Theoretical Rook Endgames is here. And the excerpt of Conceptual Rook Endgames is here.

As ever, I am biased, but these books are brilliant. They are sister volumes, so they deserve to be published together. Rook endgames have always been my favourite part of chess, so it was always lucky for me that rook endgames are also the type of endgame that is most frequently reached.

11 thoughts on “Two New Books – Excerpts”

  1. Are there exercises? or are readers expected to grind their way through 800+ pages. Don’t worry I plan to buy both!

  2. Conceptual Rook Endgames looks really nice, will definitely get that one. For other very likely got the information elsewhere, but probably get anyway.

  3. This may be an odd request, but could you delay publication of those books for about half a year? I promised my wife not to make further chess-related purchases at least for a little while, but you’re really putting me to a test here.

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