10 thoughts on “Jacob Aagaard – Forward Chess Author of the Month”

  1. @Steve

    We are certainly keen to publish more of Nikos’s excellent work, and so is Nikos. I can’t promise it will be exactly the repertoire you mention, but Nikos will return…

  2. @John Shaw

    Maybe Nikos could lend his analytical skills to a team, to help complete a certain multi-volume white repertoire that was started over 9 years ago now?

    Or we could continue waiting until Greta Thunberg becomes a reactionary conservative…

  3. The main problem is that 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3? is refuted by the Elephant Gambit, as proved in 2020.
    But if we can get around this, then yes it would be nice to complete the series at some point. We’ll see what we can do.

  4. It would seem looking at the Coming Soon section that QC are no longer in the business of making chess opening books!

  5. Doctor Bob :
    @The Lurker
    I believe that Nikos is too busy helping George RR Martin finish up his multi-volume series.

    It is long and tedious work. Paparazzi recently released a video of the two esteemed authors working together at a cafe in a sunny little town somewhere in Greece. On the blurry video, you can clearly hear Nikos angrily exclaim at one point, “Dear God, is there anybody you HAVEN’T killed off already? Do we have ANY characters left to finish this series with?”

  6. @Andrew Greet

    I have faith that QC can eat the Elephant. It’s the Damiano I’m worried about…

    Seriously, all other things being equal, it would be nice if the series could be finished by the same author who thought out the first 5 volumes. But all other things are not equal. I would much more prefer that the series be finished in my lifetime; and by someone who still has a passion for the game, rather than a need for more money for college.

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