New Quality Chess Website and new blog

As of today, we have a new Quality Chess website and new blog software. With all new things, it’s normal to expect some teething problems, but we’ll get them all fixed soon and it should be better than ever.

For existing website customers, you will need to create a new account. Apologies for the inconvenience but there was no sensible way around it.

13 thoughts on “New Quality Chess Website and new blog”

  1. Great to see the new website 😀
    My android phone flagging it up as unsafe if you’re wanting to look into that whereas the old website didn’t. Running a quite old version of android 11 though….

  2. @JB

    Hi JB, thanks for the feedback. A few teething problems are being fixed. The new sites are safe and secure, but it’s the changes compared to the old sites that are causing some browsers to be suspicious.

  3. Looks sharp and clean! I like it.

    Way better than what’s going on over at Chessable right now. They are changing everything and it’s just hard on the eyes.

  4. Hmm bit disappointed hearing that Endgame Labyrinths is now available on Chessable. 😕
    I’m sure there was a blog entry saying your Chessable adventure was over so it took me by surprise. Some books are absolutely perfect for the format and this is one of them but not say the new Lisitin books. Sadly I’ve already bought the paper copy of the Labyrinths book.
    Would be good to know if there are any other books due to be published in the Chessable format so I can pick and choose which format I buy it in

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