Two New Excerpts

On 17 July we will publish two new books in hardcover:

Chess Survivor is a translation from Russian, by the superb Douglas Griffin, of a classic book by Andor Lilienthal. The late Hungarian-Russian GM defeated numerous World Champions and was universally liked and respected by his peers. In this book, he annotates his best games and shares his remarkable life story. Griffin went above and beyond the call of duty, adding 17 bonus games to the 60 selected by Lilienthal. An excerpt is available here.

The Mental Game by Alexander Galkin reveals the inside story of an 18-month period in which Galkin worked as the trainer of Aleksandra Maltsevskaya, who is pictured on the front cover. I know how she feels… Anyway, Maltsevskaya became World Junior Champion a year later. This quirky book is unlike anything we have published before. We see it being of benefit to chess players and coaches, as it deals with all kinds of situations involving the highs and lows of tournament play, how they prepared for different types of opponents, dealing with high-pressure situations and so on. An excerpt is available here.

7 thoughts on “Two New Excerpts”

  1. Woodpecker 2 – you won’t have long to wait.
    A Matter of Middlegame Technique – somewhat further away. Jacob is making progress, but has been a bit distracted with world domination lately.

  2. The Lilienthal book looks excellent. I think twenty plus years ago there was a paperback english translation of his book, which went OOP sometime ago. I meant to pick it up at the time but forgot. Now available with probably better translations and extra games.
    To be honest have sometimes been lukewarm about the classics range because for example ancient opening analysis has been ripped out, in one example, I understand why this is done but I am a purist and don’t like it much. Like the one on Levenfish, “Soviet Outcast” the present one is only good news.

  3. The book had in mind was “Champions’ Friend, Friendship’s Champion: Lilienthal’s hundred best games” which apparantly is a translation of a Hungrian book of Lilienthal’s. Anyway haven’t seen it around for ages, and vaguely remember when browsing it, that the book had an “amateur production” look to it, and can’t remember who published it.

  4. Andrew, can you tell us something about the books “Exploiting a space advantage” and “Exploiting the two bishops” thanks in advance!

  5. Hi Jorge, I haven’t been directly involved with these titles but I know they are aimed primarily at club players, and the titles speak for themselves. We will release the usual descriptions and excerpts in due course.

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