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Dear Quality Chess Reader,

Since our last newsletter we have published several books:

The Alterman Gambit Guide: Black Gambits 1 explains dynamic chess using gambits as a vehicle. Compared to the previous volume in the series, White Gambits, the level of chess is a little higher and Black Gambits 1 could form the basis of an aggressive repertoire against 1.d4 and 1.c4. Gambit lines against 1.e4 will be covered in the concluding volume of the series, Black Gambits 2.

Advanced Chess Tactics by Lev Psakhis is, as the name suggests, about advanced chess tactics. Perhaps I should say a little more? Psakhis covers his topic by studying attacking chess and adds his own great wit and wisdom.

Grandmaster versus Amateur is written by seven grandmasters – Pavel Eljanov, Peter Heine Nielsen, Boris Avrukh, Mihail Marin, Tiger Hillarp Persson plus Jacob Aagaard and me. We told the authors the title and asked them to write a chapter on whatever that suggested to them. As we had hoped, the results were diverse, instructive and entertaining.

Grandmaster Repertoire 10: The Tarrasch Defence by Jacob Aagaard and Nikolaos Ntirlis will be available in early December. It covers an exciting opening that for too long has had a bad reputation. The Tarrasch deserves a revival and the original analysis in this book will spark that renaissance.

Chess Evolution 1 is the latest volume in GM Yusupov’s award-winning instructional series. This follows on from Build Up Your Chess 1 and Boost Your Chess 1 to complete the set of three books at The Fundamentals level.

This time our games collection covers a wide range. It is available in ChessBase or pdf format. I will not list everything, but the file includes a game each annotated by GMs Jonny Hector and Sabino Brunello. In the latter game Mihail Marin’s English repertoire is tested with great success. Boris Avrukh’s Grünfeld repertoire is also featured in several games where new ideas were tried. The rest I shall leave as a surprise.

John Shaw
Chief Editor
Quality Chess

6 thoughts on “Quality Chess newsletter – new books and critical games”

  1. Just wondering if there’s been a problem with Grandmaster Versus Amateur? Amazon.com says it’s “not yet released” and Amazon UK directs to other sellers (one of which will sell me a copy for over 100 quid!). Book Depository says “Currently unavailable”.

  2. @Francis Burton

    Hi Francis,

    No problem with “Grandmaster versus Amateur” at our end. The book is published and for sale out in the world and on our website. Of course, Amazon and the people who sell there are beyond our control. I think the book is good, but £100 would be slightly excessive.

  3. I am trying to reconcile the John Shaw whose chapter in Grandmaster versus Amateur indicates a complete aversion to tactics and complications to the John Shaw who is writing a book on the Kings Gambit?! Are they one and the same?

  4. John is very tactical in his analysis. His ideal is to see and avoid them in practice, in analysis he uses his great understanding and the tactics of the engines to make magic.

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