This weekend Chess Scotland organised a seminar with GM Jacob Aagaard at Quality Chess’ headquarters in Glasgow. The following positions were used and will be available for a week: PGN-file

1 thought on “Seminar”

  1. Jacob, the lectures were terrific. I found a few points especially startling.

    1. in the endgame, King is worth about 4 pawns!? this is the first time i’ve heard this mentioned.

    2. in the endgame, keep your MOST VALUABLE PIECE active. i’d only heard this with regards to rooks.

    3. you had 4 intuition-building questions, instead of your usual 3. added, ‘what am i meant to be doing in this position?’ if i understood correctly, this question could have answers such as ‘i have a lead in development (which is a dynamic feature) and i should do something with it. or, i have a static advantage…

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