14th December

So, it is the weekend again; but this exercise is fun. Black wins quickly in a very surprising way. Not easy at all!

5 thoughts on “14th December”

  1. 1… Ra2!! looks great. 2. Qxa2 Rh3+ 3. Kf1 Qe3+ 4. Qf2 Qxc1+ 5. Qf1 Rh1+ should win easily. Of course there are many other variations, but that’s only a matter of good calculation. 😉


    ### Playing the 1… e5 by Jacob Aagaard & Nikolaos Ntirlis??? 🙂 ###

    Hello guys,

    I’m deeply en-thrilled with “Playing the French” by Jacob Aagaard & Nikolaos Ntirlis!!!

    Congratulations for outstanding work!

    Could you please rethink writing in the same framework a “Playing the 1… e5” for Black player? It’s strongly missed and it would complement “GM Rep Open Spanish”.

    Please give a try 🙂

    PS Nikos, my man, please make Jacob to be your coauthor 🙂

  3. I agree with Morgain Le Fey. 1.Ra2 is strongest. I was distracted for some time by 1.Rf3 and 1.Rd3, but I could not get those moves to work as convincingly as 1.Ra2.

  4. @Morgain Le Fey
    This is my main line as well. In the game White incorrectly resigned after 1…Rh3+. After 2.Kg1 the only direct win is 2…Rg3+ to repeat…

    The players’ names will have to wait. I am in London watching Super-Boris beat the kiddies.

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