13th December

Even though we are just talking candidate exercises this week, we are now heading into the non-trivial territory of the weekend,

6 thoughts on “13th December”

  1. Looking at it further, 1.Rc2 might just be lights out. Trying to save the queen with 1…Qa5 loses an exchange to 2.Na4, so perhaps the only way for Black to maintain material equality is 1…Bxc3, but that seems like positional suicide. White has a lot of dangerous ideas involving f5 after 2.Bxc3.

  2. Yes, 1.Rc2 looks strong. Along with TonyRo’s comments, I would note two ideas.

    First, if black moves the rook from c5 to create an escape square for the queen, white can exploit the cramped bishop on e6 by pushing f5.

    Second, if black plays 1…b4, then 2.Na4 (hitting the Rc5 and so gaining a tempo) threatens Bd2 to c1.

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