Attacking Manual 2 uploaded (finally)

Here, on New Year’s eve, I have finally uploaded Attacking Manual 2 to the printer. It will thus hopefully be ready for shipping from our warehouse from the 20th of January. I have uploaded the first 15 of the 464 pages as an excerpt. I will put it on the main site and so on, when I return to the office on the 5th. You can find the excerpt here.

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  1. Well jacob i can hardly wait to buy both “Attacking Manual” books.

    When can you say us something more about:

    1. GM Repertoire for White – 1e4
    2. GM Repertoire for Black – King’s Indian Defence
    3. GM Repertoire for Black – Grunfeld
    5. Positional/strategic Handbook !?
    6. 100 selected King’s Indian Defence games – top notch analysis
    7. 100 selected Ruy Lopez games – top notch analysis
    8. 100 selected Sicilian Defence games – top notch analysis

    Happy new year!!!

  2. The Grünfeld theory changes extremely rapidly, more so than GM Rep 1 through 6. I bet that would be a very demanding work, but it would be nice to see a GM Rep Grünfeld.

  3. I agree but hopefully it covers 1. Nf3 Nf6 2. c4 as a move order. The reason I didn’t take up the Grunfeld was because I didn’t like the lines after 2. …g6 3. Nc3. It seems to be inferior to the main lines for Black.

  4. Abramov:

    1) It is planned for 9 months from now, but reality might give me a beating. At first we will focus on finishing John’s two books (which are really team projects with John as boss). It is still my top priority.

    2) GM KID is planned for 2011 – two volumes by a 2600 respected theoretician.

    3) GM Grunfeld. We are in serious talks with a highly respected writer. Actually, we only need to agree on dates and to sign the contract. We are also deating what lines to recommend. The Grunfeld is special in that the main line against Bc4+Ne2 seems stupid to enter for Black. We will announce 3-6 months in advance as usual (and then probably suffer delays).

    4) No 4 on your list!

    5) I have done some work on my two volume idea, but have been distracted by the general business of running QC and producing books. I cannot see that this will be finished till after the three 1.e4 books. I am basically writing it in my spare time, and I have two small children…

    However, we will have two other books on positional themes this year. We will publish another book in the Chess Classics series, called SOVIET CHESS STRATEGY by Suetin. Also, we have another book planned by a very interesting author on positional chess sacrifices; however, I do not want to announce this one too soon.

    6-8) These are your ideas, but I do not see how they differ from Gambits series of 25 games, except by being 4 times as long? This kind of project does not make great sense to me.


  5. Grunfeld questions:

    I am not sure theory changes more quickly in the Grunfeld. Think of how popular Avrukh’s recommendations have been in the Slav and Catalan! Fewer people play the Grunfeld than those openings.

    About 1.c4 or 1.Nf3 move orders. This is a great point, we shall keep this in mind – however, no promises.

  6. Abramov Anjuhin

    Jacob Aagaard :

    However, we will have two other books on positional themes this year. We will publish another book in the Chess Classics series, called SOVIET CHESS STRATEGY by Suetin. Also, we have another book planned by a very interesting author on positional chess sacrifices; however, I do not want to announce this one too soon.

    That’s wonderful news. I’m working on Anatoli Karpow and Anatoli Mazukewitsch “Stellungsbeurteilung und Plan”. These Russian classics are the best books. Please publish all Russian classics!!!

  7. Christian Wiegand

    @Jacob Aagaard
    I am not sure because the original russian title isn’t given, but hasn’t Suetin’s book yet been translated into german and published by Sportverlag Leipzig?

  8. Many of his books have, but this is a newly edited version of some of his best writings. It is so to speak an original work, based on old works. We found maybe 20% of the material in our huge library of forgotten titles – however, these too have been updated and improved by the editor (who also edited Questions of Modern Chess Strategy).

  9. Christian Wiegand

    Maybe I won’t buy this book because I have various of Suetin’s books in German, but generally you guys make a fantastic job and I loved all your books i have purchased 🙂

  10. Abramov Anjuhin

    Jacob here are some good Russian titles translated to German, please consider them in your future publishing plans:

    Yuri Averbakh, 5 volumes endgame books

    Boleslawski, Isaak: Königsindisch bis Grünfeld-Verteidigung

    Euwe, Dr. Max : Feldherrnkunst im Schach : Eine Studie über die Entwicklung des Schachdenkens vom Jahre 1600 bis heute

    Euwe, Dr. Max: Positions- und Kombinationsspiel im Schach

    Euwe, Dr. Max: Urteil und Plan im Schach

    Geller, Efim: Königsindische Verteidigung

    Kasparow, Garri: Von der Zeit geprüft: Partien bis zur Weltmeisterschaft
    1984 – 1985

    Kmoch, Hans: Die Kunst der Verteidigung

    Koblenz, Alexander und Michael Tal : Der Weg zum Erfolg – Band 1 and 2

    Koblenz, Alexander: Lehrbuch der Schachstrategie

    Kotow, Alexander: Lehrbuch der Schachstrategie – Band 1 and 2

    Nesis, Gennadi Efimowitsch: Die Kunst der Vereinfachung – Band 1,2 and 3

    Pachman, Ludek: Moderne Schachstrategie – Band 1,2 and 3

    Polugajewski, Lew Abramowitsch: Königsindisch : Awerbach-System bis Petrosjan-System

    Reshevsky, Samue: The art of positional play

    Schereschewski, Michail I.: Strategie der Schachendspiele

    Slotnik, Boris: Typische Stellungen im Mittelspiel

    Suetin, Aleksei Stepanovich: Modernes Mittelspiel

    Suetin, Aleksei Stepanovich: Schachlehrbuch für Fortgeschrittene

    Taimanow, Mark Evgenievich: Königsindisch : Sämisch-System bis Vierbauernvariante

    PS I can’t understand why Quality Chess intentionaly ignores Averbakh’s endgame books in 5 volumes since they are not surpased till today!!! Also you are lacking at endgame section. How come?

  11. I can’t understand why you would want Averback’s book’s published again. First Batsford in the 70’s then Pergammon in the 80’s published his books. More importantly, they have now been converted to electronic format, available from Convekta. Entire set on CD for roughly 40 US dollars, that’s a bargain.

    I could critique each book on the list, but here are just a few comments.

    1) Boleslavsky/Taimanov books on the King’s Indian? How old are they? With Boleslavsky passed away in 1977, his book can’t be recent. That means no 9.b4 Bayonnet attack with 10.Re1, no Samisch 6…c5 gambit, etc. Heck, the book has to predate Kasparov’s contributions to the King’s Indian. While I am sure they were great books for their time, I fail to see the point is translating outdated theory.

    2) Kasparov? Perhaps my German is not very good and I am misunderstanding the title, but didn’t he just publish his own book (in English) covering that match and more in the last year or 2?

    3) Geller’s book on the King’s Indian was translated by Batsford in the early 80’s in 2 volumes. I remember them fondly, they were excellent, but clearly outdated now.

  12. I could maybe add that Euwe’s books, originally written in Dutch, were published in English as well. There are some books on this list that have our interest, and have for some time; but I do not want to add to this.

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