New Year’s Resolutions

In Quality Chess we have aspired to make the best chess books possible since our first books in 2004, Learn from the Legends and Experts vs. the Sicilian. Overall we believe we have been successful in our endeavours and have produced some memorable books, such as Understanding Chess Tactics, The Sveshnikov Reloaded and the Grandmaster Repertoire and Build up your Chess series, to mention but a few.

It is not in our nature to rest on our laurels. These past six years that we have worked on Quality Chess have been an uphill battle and a learning process. It has taken the time it takes to finish a masters degree, and we now think that we have graduated, receiving the first ever Boleslavsky Medal for the Build up your Chess series. On the way we were proud to win the Book of the Year from the ECF for San Luis 2005 and the prize for Learn from the Legends.

Ambitions should be ambitious, so we would like to share our aims for 2010:

1) In the first three months of 2010 we will supersede the quality (and possibly quantity) of our 2009 production.

2) Throughout all of 2010 we will do better than we have done before.

Jacob & John

19 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Abramov Anjuhin

    I’m owe your book EXPERT’S vs SICILIAN 2nd edition from 2006.
    In comparison with De La Villa’s “Dismantling the Sicilian-A Complete Repertoire for White” published by New in Chess your books seems not so good edited and also summary plates are missing.

    But I think that proposed repertoire in Expert’s seems better but very incoherent cause variations don’t have any similarity and each is her own world.

    Dismantling the Sicilian is set around English attack. So I ask you Jacob if you plan a 3rd edition of your excellent book which is now 4 years old and theory in Open Sicilian dates day by day.

    I’m assured that you could boost another classic opening book BUT with better editing, summaries etc.

    Please do what you promised for 2010. We are waiting 🙂

  2. Abramov Anjuhin

    Aha! You’ll write GM Rep 1e4 where you will propose “updated” Experts vs Sicilian section on Open Sicilians.

    I hope that you won’t recycle former book and make money without single new effort!

  3. Just out of curiosity Jacob, have you guys decided about the organization of the 1. e4 books yet? Specifically, about how many volumes and what Black defenses will appear in each volume, and in which order they will be released? Thanks!

  4. Jeez. Some people are hard to please. . . however, I’m also interested to learn more about the 1.e4 books.

    My opinion doesn’t mean much, but I’ve never understood what White has in the modern anti-Marshall with h3, d3, and a3. Most recently I seem to see more of the “old” anti-Marshall with a4. Or perhaps White will accept the gambit?

    But not 3.Bc4(?) because 3. . .Nf6 4.Ng5 d5 5.exd5 Na5 6.Bb5+ Bd7! equalizes.

  5. The plan is to do vol. 1 with the French, Caro-Kann, and minor lines (Scandinavian, Alekhine, Pirc, and so on). Vol. 2 will be 1.e4 e5 and Vol. 3 will be Sicilians. My idea is to write on all three volumes at the same time, and update the critical lines in the end, so they can be published all at the same time. The way things are looking, this will probably be in 2011.

    I would not consider 3.Bc4, there are too many satisfactory ways to play for my liking. The questions is if we want to go 3.Bb5 or 3.d4. Both moves have a lot of attraction – although Black should be fine in any opening, of course.

    The good news is that we are negotiating a contract with a highly respected name for a GM book on the Grunfeld Defence. Lately we have talked about what lines to cover more than anything, so this should happen later this year. And, of course, there is the KID to come out in 2011, in two volumes.

  6. dare you call my beloved Pirc a minor line? The KID and Grunfeld GM Repertoire books will be well received, I am sure. But are there any plans yet on the horizon yet for any GM Reps against 1. d4 on any of the more positional defences: Nimzo, Slav, QGD etc?

  7. Interested in the publihing plans. Have the first volume of Marin book on English and have hugely enjoyed [ even when I have disagreed after all English id just =].
    When is vol 2 expected.

  8. I am not entirely sure when the English will be finished, but we are working hard on it and receiving material from Mihail – but other books are important as well.

  9. The good news is that we are negotiating a contract with a highly respected name for a GM book on the Grunfeld Defence.

    That is good news! The Grünfeld has been my favorite for years.

  10. Very exciting news about the upcoming books ! The 1.e4 -repertoire is especdially interesting. I just hope, Jacob can really manage it in 3 books. In my opinion it is very difficult to find the right balance what is absolutly necessary. The Anand -Series from Khalifman for example just analyses every unimportant variation for several pages. So the main task will be to concentrate on what you should know for playing the main lines.

  11. There hasn’t been much mention recently of the Caro Kann book from Lars – is everything still progressing with this one? It would be nice to hear some news….


  12. I am sure that I can keep it to three books – the danger is that it will not be possible to say something interesting in all positions. It is my intention to write on these books for a long time and treat the lines unlikely to change first, and only treat the critical lines at the end.

    I am planning to base the book more on ideas against the various openings, than a strict repertoire; here I am mainly referring to main lines, such as the Marshall, Najdorf and so on. It is unrealistic to have an edge everywhere after 1.e4, the theory just moves too quickly – but it is possible to offer a lot of practical ideas in the main lines, and thus a really dangerous and flexible repertoire.

    However, this is just an early idea. Having seen the material produced by Avrukh and Marin, I am truly challenged to keep the level of the series up.

  13. Are there any hindrances to the current list of books due to be published this January? i.e. is the printer working properly, is the weather affecting any shipping (UK are getting hammered by bad weather currently)

  14. @Andy


    Everything going fine on the Caro-Kann book. Lars is analysing away, and the early versions of chapters that I have seen look excellent. I predict it will be a solid, reliable repertoire, which is what Lars wants and is also in the spirit of the Caro.

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